Talker of the Town invited for a week to Rochester Free Radio with George Payne on the Broken Spear Vision


On Sunday, I was invited to George Payne’s Broken Spear Vision program on Rochester Free Radio. Broken Spear Vision

Now live for about a year, Rochester Free Radio is a community, non-commercial radio station run by volunteers to provide locally-focused, locally-created information, conversation and entertainment. Rochester Free Radio

I first met George, host of Broken Spear Vision, at the In-School Suspension Room at Wilson Foundation Academy. Gandhi Institute reaches out to city school students

No, not as a misbehaving student –although I sense young George had some non-conformism in his genes–but as a facilitator with the Gandhi Institute.  Since then, George has founded Gandhi Earth Keepers International. Gandhi Earth Keepers International

The conversation was wide ranging from citizen journalism to community blogs to East/Warner and even to my summer of love picaresque.

Podcast link: Spear October 11th, 2015.