Forget EastplaceMarketview when you can Get Hip at Black Vinyl Friday at Bop Shop Records


This morning at about 8:45, a line of red eyed Black Friday shoppers was snaking its way around Monroe Avenue in Brighton. Well, actually, it was seven people a few minutes early before Bop Shop Records opened for Black Vinyl Friday.

An alternative experience to soul sapping mall walking, the day featured new releases of specially selected records, live music, pizza, donuts, coffee and beer tasting. And the cheerful company of the staff of WAYO 104-3 FM, a new and growing alternative station emphasizing creative freedom and diversity.

Those reading no doubt know Bop Shop Records owners Tom Kohn and Jann Nyffeler. For thirty years the store was in the Village Gate — many a summer evening we enjoyed live music in the courtyard — and has been thriving for about 4 years now at 1460 Monroe Avenue.


The Beaumonts at Bop Shop Records 11.27.15

Now in its fourth year and adding attractions, Black Vinyl Friday is meant to be a fun alternative to mall shopping. The atmosphere feels more like a music lovers reunion than a buying spree.

Tom often sees old customers who have moved away from Rochester back visiting for the Holiday. Tom says, seriously, people sometimes make Bop Shop their very first destination. He has even received calls from family members wondering if one of theirs is forgetfully absorbed in this vinyl paradise.


WAYO 104-3 FM: Ben Morrey, Spaceman Bryant, Mike Yates, Eve Frohm, Jake Walsh and myself (where else but at Bob Shop Records can you get an Abbey Road record to match your shirt)

Also at the event were the staff of the up and coming FM radio station WAYO 104-3, created by and for music lovers. Mike Yates says his crew came to support Bop Shop, an irreplaceable resource for the music community for 35 years.

For all the semi-hoopla of BFV, the day is not so unusual for Tom and Joan and their customers (who come from as far away as Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo and Syracuse). Bop Shop Records is a community for whom music is as natural as breathing and thinking. And good for the soul.

Bop Shop definitely enlivens this part of Brighton — the “Get Hip” of Monroe Avenue starts here.

UPDATE: SEE In line and inside the Bop Shop for National Record Store Day


Jann Nyffeler and Tom Kohn

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In line and inside the Bop Shop for National Record Store Day