Over “The Bridge”! Talker joins Instagram



In The “Bridge Generation:” Born 1960 – 1980, I posited a new term to describe my generation: “The unifying principle is those whose lives, the lives of their children, and even grandchildren, span the digital divide.”  In many ways, the Bridge Generation overlaps with Gen X.  But Gen X was coined before the full transformative force of the internet. Hence, the new term is an updated title. For the most part, Bridgers have crossed the digital bridge.

(While hardly an earth-shattering precedent, I actually first used the name in 2012. See Brighton-Pittsford Post article below)


That said, I have been recalcitrant in some areas. For example, steadfastly refusing to join the teeming global masses on Instagram. Don’t even know what is Instagram. Except it must be something bad.

We have now joined Instagram.

Over Thanksgiving, my niece Audrey was visiting from San Carlos, California (near Palo Alto).  At one point, Audrey showed a photo of “TJ,” the family dog.  She exclaimed, isn’t he the cutest dog in the whole wide world!  As Audrey and I share genetic material, concurring, yes, TJ is cutest dog in the whole wide world.  And, apparently, TJ can be found on Instagram.

My heart softened, taking one small step for this man and one giant leap for mankind, I joined.  It remains to be seen if this gesture is my landing on the other side of the Golden Gait. Or a plunge into San Francisco Bay.

One rule. TJ shall be the sole picture.

Follow #talkerofthetown on Instagram

audrey and me

4/18/14 Santa Cruz Boardwalk TJ’s owner and myself

At the same time, we are also asking for submissions of the SECOND cutest dog in the whole wide world.  Winning selections will receive a box of Talker Treats (homemade dog biscuits.)

On the origins of “Bridge Generation:”

Wired Generation is missing out  The Daily Messenger January 13, 2012

2/23/12 Brighton-Pittsford Post: “I think my generation — the ‘bridge generation’ — has had the best of both worlds. We were educated pre-digital yet have enjoyed the fruits of the new.”

wired gen

2/23/12 Brighton-Pittsford Post “The ‘bridge generation’ — has had the best of both worlds. We were educated pre-digital yet have enjoyed the fruits of the new.”

and Then and Now Brown Alumni Magazine  March/April, 2012

Just wait for our next visit to Lux! (Darn, too bad we swore TJ would be the sole picture in my IG account.)

What Millennials think of the Bridge Generation at Lux Lounge


Outside Lux Lounge 666 South Avenue

NOTE: if we break the rule, pics may be added from A Boy and his BG: A Love Story (visual poem) as BG, like TJ, is now part of the family.


Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY