“Après TJ le déluge” Our second instagram and our first cute dog submission


7:56 a.m. 12/7/15 on the street curb outside 29 Fair Oaks Lane in Brighton

On his deathbed, Louis XV was supposed to have uttered, “Après mois le deluge.” (Roughly meaning: “I don’t care what happens after I’m gone; I don’t care even if the whole world is destroyed.”)


Sophie Miles as Madame Pompadour in an episode of Doctor Who. Based on their expressions, a deluge is a coming.


The Death of Marat by David

Later rephrased by his mistress Madame de Pompadour as “Après nous le deluge.

As the French Revolution was approaching, both foresaw the rise of the san-cullotes masses could only end in the Reign of Terror. And they were right.

When Talker joined Instagram, we knew all too well how King and mistress felt .  Then, we wrote:  “Steadfastly refusing to join the teeming global masses on Instagram. Don’t even know what is Instagram. Except it must be something bad.”

I can now see the blood dripping on the keyboard.

In that post, we had declared–from the barricades–the picture (below) of TJ, “the cutest dog in the whole wide world,” would be our sole inclusion on our new Instagram account.

Oh, but Après TJ le déluge!

In that post, we also off handedly asked for submissions of other cute dogs. And received one from reader Nora Bradury! (below)  Tease: Nora and I will very soon be featuring Max aka Cute Dog # 2 in a photo-op that can only be described as provocative.

This morning the Reign of Error only worsened when we encountered something else “cute.” The pumpkins featured above. I can even now see the blood dripping on the keyboard.


TJ [Photo: Audrey Boyce]

cut dog 2

Cute Dog # 2 aka Max [Photo: Nora Bradbury]