“Our friend Janet” (1914 – 2015)

janet wolf

Front Page, NYTIMES, 12/8/15

All we Town Talkers were saddened to learn of Janet’s passing, but also uplifted by the story of her life. Front page of the The New York Times  no less.

We certainly noticed the Gleeful Gadabout Who Got the Town Talking was a regular contributor to The New Yorker‘s “Talk of the Town”department. That Department which itself anticipated our own magazine, while also bequeathing us the “first-person plural style.”

And what a Talker was “our friend Janet.” Later described in the obituary as: “garrulous, generous, whip-smart, endearingly harebrainedunflinchingly direct, occasionally lonely, more than a little ribald [she would have liked Talker loses his innocence, Rockily, at the Cinema Theater] supremely well connected and sometimes down but never out.”

And, our hearts melted when we learned that “Ms. Wolfe’s life .  . . . became an avidly followed picaresque.” Dear Janet, even from above, there is always a staff position open for you.

In Janet’s spirit, we would like to again thank readers for reading. And also gently nudge you to becoming more involved (contributions. collaborations, etc) or to send our way others who might be interested.

For an earlier call, see To readers and contributors, much thanks 


At the Asbury First, “I Dream Wall”, Park Avenue Festival, August 2015

Also, on the home page, we write:

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