Antidote for the Doldrums. Join us for another visual conversation with artist Judy Stewart Gohringer from the Anderson Arts Building

judy 6As I entered Judy’s studio on a cold, grey, Rochester day, I was hit with walls of warmth – lots of color! What an antidote to Rochester’s doldrums.

judy 2Judy’s space is the smallest studio in the Anderson Arts Building on N. Goodman St. in Neighborhood of the Arts. She has filled this space with dozens of her acrylic paintings and shares it with her husband, Peter Gohringer’s sculptures. During First Fridays, Judy has to spread her paintings out into the wide hallway so that viewers can walk around in her studio.

judy 1Judy’s paintings are often abstract with the focus on colorful compositions and texture.  Some of her paintings reflect her love of nature; rock, trees, water and landscapes from the Canadian north where she summers.

“My love of art always centered on teaching kids. I taught grades K-12, in many City schools, and I love the authentic quality of kids art work.” Judy adds, “The process of kids creating, decision making, problem solving and expressing is the best learning – their first work!”

judy 7Judy, now retired from teaching art in the Rochester City Schools, can devote herself to painting, something she rarely did while teaching.  Recently she has started working in encaustic (pigmented wax)paint on wood panels. Besides using her years in the Canadian north for inspiration, she also loves Outsider art and Aboriginal art.Judy 3

Come in & warm up & visit! Judy’s work is available at studio #300, Anderson Arts Building, 250 N. Goodman St.,  and her website: Judy Gohringer








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