Love has found a way! Buffalo Jills coming to the Otter to sign “Jack the Ball,” Saturday the 23rd, 6-9pm


Still jilted by the Jills was the story of a forlorn, half inflated, misbegotten football named Jack.


The Buffalo Jills cheerleaders perform during the third quarter of an NFL preseason football game between the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills

Jack was once a happy ball. Every year Jack was taken to the Buffalo Bills training camp at St. John Fisher College or Zebb’s in Brighton where he was signed by the Buffalo Jills. With all that feminine attention, Jack was quite puffed up.


Signed by Kelly



Then something terrible happened. The Jills were disbanded by bad men called lawyers and accountants. Jack became depressed and deflated. His hand air pump just wasn’t doing the trick.

jills 2

Maria on left, and Alyssa, two of five former Buffalo Jills who sued the Bills for not paying them the minimum wage for their appearances at Bills games and events [Photo: Buffalo News]

Then love found its way. First, just recently a court decision has given the Jills cause for cautious optimism.

Now, in a specially arranged event (Talker  has some cache), former Jills are coming to the Otter Lodge on Monroe Avenue in Brighton (where we’ve been before) for a meet and great on Saturday the 23rd from 6 to 9pm. And to re-inflate and sign Jack.

It will be as if wide right went straight down the middle.

Special thanks for setting up the event goes to Diane Ringer, Co-Director of the newly formed RED ZONE CHEERLEADERS.  Diane assisted me in contacting former Jills with whom she has been friends for years.

On another of Jack’s adventures


OMG, I am so happy for Jack!


ESPN’s “Four Falls of Buffalo” and “Vivid memories of the four year Super Bowl run” and still jilted by the Jills