The Lower Falls needs our help! Trash everywhere! Volunteer cleanup this Saturday!


The Seat of Forgetting and Remembering, Lower Falls Park. From On bikes and writing: Bike Writers

In George Payne’s Rochester: Over seasons and time , we enjoyed George’s photo montage, including pictures of the Lower Falls. As well as the Founder of Gandhiearthkeepers, George is also the Project Manager of The Lower Falls Foundation: Protecting history. Powering change.


Photo: George Payne

Unfortunately, currently the Lower Falls Park and trail system is heavily trashed. But Rochesterarians who love the Park are doing something. Below is George’s explanation of the Saturday cleanup.


The Seat of Forgetting and Remembering, Lower Falls Park. See On bikes and writing: Bike Writers

The statues look sad with all that trash around. Come say hi yourself for a fun and cheerful time.

Check out The Lower Falls Foundation powerpoint. All you need to know.  Final Lower Falls Presentation

Dear friends,

Did you know that the Lower Falls gorge is not just a hidden treasure in Rochester but a world class cultural and ecological heritage site? From stunning natural beauty to the legacy of First Nation communities to the presence of the last stop on the Underground Railroad to the design triumphs of Frederick Law Olmstead, the Lower Falls is a significant part of American history.


Photo: George Payne

Because of this history we have a duty to protect and honor this space. Currently the Lower Falls Park and trail system is heavily trashed. There are plastic bags hanging on tree branches, old clothes entrenched in mud, rusted cans and broken bottles everywhere, and worse. It’s really bad!!!


Photo: George Payne

Are you willing to come out to Maplewood Park this Saturday at to help clean up this sacred cultural heritage site? With just a small group of people we can make a huge difference. Many of the materials that we collect will be recycled for repurposing projects later in. There will be donuts and cider! The weather is going to be mild (40 degrees) and all of the supplies will be donated. Bring good shoes or hiking boots and tell your friends. If you have never experienced the Lower Falls in winter you are in for a treat:)

*The Lower Falls Foundation is committed to protecting and celebrating the Lower Falls Genesee Gorge through cultural preservation, ecological restoration, and urban tourism. Follow us today on Facebook or visit us in person at the historic Lutheran Redeemer Church on Dewey Ave. We also invite you to learn more about our vision by checking out the PP attached. Volunteers are needed to help transform the Lower Falls Genesee Gorge into a National Heritage Site by 2020.

L falls

Photo: George Payne

Hope to see you on the trails!

George Payne

What: Volunteer cleanup project at the Lower Falls

When: Saturday, February 6, 2016 Time: 12:00 to 2:00pm

Refreshments provided

Location: Meet at Maplewood Park on Driving Park A

The Lower Falls Foundation: Protecting history. Powering change.

George C. Payne, Co-Founder and Project Manager

Bill Self, Co-Founder


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