Obama should nominate Olympia Snowe



We need a new Supreme Court Justice.  Senate Republicans have made it clear they are likely to block almost any Obama nominee.

Here is my choice. You heard it here first.

She is a Republican.  A former Senator.  Born in 1947.  She is pro-choice and supports gay rights.  She is not a lawyer, which might be a good thing.

If confirmed, she would be a moderate, centrist voice on the court.

Republicans would be blocking the nomination of Olympia Snowe at their peril.  If Obama were to play it cannily, he would put his Republican adversaries in a quandary. How could they turn down one of their own?

NOTE: On the 17th, The Times  noted the possibility of a Republican legislator was unlikely but not off the table:


The New York Times, 2/17/16