First Rochester flowers of Spring bloom at HAWT fashion show

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First day of Spring, Good Luck Restaurant, 2016

Drawn by her charming storefront location at 121 Park Avenue and that spicy name Peppermint, I walked into the 21 st century Audrey Hepburn walk-in closet, every girl’s dream for a woman’s apparel shop.

Getting your hair done at World Hair obviously means a new sassy dress and accessories to go along and Peppermint is conveniently two-steps across the way. After getting my hair done Friday night, looking our best as we ladies do for the weekend, I thanked the girls for another great style and skipped across to Peppermint.


Left to Right: James Campbell, Designer Tanvi Asher & Kate Sweeney

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First day of Spring, Good Luck Restaurant, 2016

Not far from the entrance was designer and founder of Peppermint, Ms. Tanvi Asher, greeting me with a huge smile as she usually gets to know all her regular customers. Tanvi immediately got me excited about her upcoming Fourth Annual Fashion Showcase at Good Luck restaurant with an extra ticket for me to attend the sold out event.

With her team of collaborators, Tanvi is not only an empowering female entrepreneur and designer, but also philanthropist, using annual funds from her show ticket sales to raise money for non-profit organizations. This year’s funds from the tickets went to Girls Rock! a teen, girls’ music summer camp and Verona Street Animal Shelter.

To encourage creative endeavors, Tanvi’s store features products from local designers and her annual fashion show is also dedicated to support other independent designers so they can tell their story from inspiration to final product.

From humble beginnings creating in her basement, Tanvi is a gift to Rochester in cultivating chic woman’s style and encouraging others to pursue their love for fashion.

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Colored chalk used by guests to encourage models strutting on the runway

On to the Fashion Showcase Sunday March 20th, with hundreds of Rochesterians mainly 20s to 40s, at Good Luck for beautiful eye candy on the, literally, encouraging runway.

Evidenced by the walkway and lively ambiance of creatives and supporters, this event would be a HAWT personal style-encounter for everyone on this beautiful first day of Spring. The ultimate question inside was who would stun us most with her style? And how could we each be runway models for next year’s fashion lines?

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ever Of the Town, it’s Shadi

According to Tanvi  whose greatest inspiration is her grandmother who first taught her how to sew, she wants women to feel fresh, comfortable and trendy in her clothing. She appeals to every day women this way and we could all be her models. The runway models for her show are all her clients who wanted to wear something different and support great causes.

By Shadi Kafi

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