Who is this masked man, aka Lazerus?


Lazerus outside a mural off Monroe Avenue, late March, 2016

The other day near the Monroe Branch Library and the YMCA, I spotted a masked man.  Why was he wearing the costume? At what event had he been?  Just his life, said Lazerus.

He explained that he and others in a shadowy group sometimes appear in various spots around the city dressed in masks and sporting large handkerchiefs.  His own street theatre nickname is Lazarus.

An R.I.T. grad and now a tattoo artist and writer, Lazerus briefly showed me his nearby garret.  There he showed me a few pictures AND promised he would send us a “manifesto” explaining his group’s aims and activities.

Alas, we have yet to receive his statement nor know how to contact the masked stranger (not recalling the exact address of his garret).  If you know Lazerus, please let him know we — and Rochester — are waiting.


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