An art exhibit at the Updegraff Gallery helping its neighbors down the road

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Updegraff Gallery-office on South Avenue [Photos provided by Jordan Ebersberger]


With Jordan 3/31/16

After an evening show Thursday at Geva, I began to wander back through the city.  Surprised to see the lights on at the Updegraff Gallery-office on 732 South Avenue, inside I met Jordan Ebersberger. Jordan explained that her company, Updegraff Group, had sponsored the inaugural event just winding down: a Silent Art Auction to benefit St. Joe’s House of Hospitality down the road also on South Avenue.

I missed the First Friday auction, but by all accounts, a great success for a worthy cause. (For more on First Friday and other local artists, see at end.)

set up

Silent Auction for First Fridays at Updegraff 4/1/16

updegraff facingJordan describes the goals behind the exhibit and how it came to be:

The auction was held in hopes to raise money for Rochester’s homeless. It was also used as a exploit for local artisans to get their name out and showcased. The event was very casual yet classy, everything was beautifully displayed.evening

The Silent Art Auction featured local artists from around Rochester. All the pieces varied from a beautiful landscape of the Rochester sunrise printed on aluminum to a mother and calf Humpback whale woodprint; taking a scalpel and carving art into wood then taking paint and stamping the wood onto cotton paper. The pieces were sold at a very reasonable price and the foot traffic was in and out all night.upd 3

Updegraff Group is a one stop realty company that specializes in all home needs. They restore and rebuild st joesRochester, help others sell and buy homes, and have a large array of rental properties. The event was held as a non-profit. To give back to the community and help make the Roc great again. Updegraff plans to host many more events in the upcoming future, with the Silent Art Auction a new annual arrangement.


Inspired artists at the Updegraff Gallery on South Avenue

A kicking First Friday at Anderson Arts Building

“Futility of Knowing One’s Self” by Anna Overmoyer from the Anderson Arts Building

Antidote for the Doldrums. Join us for another visual conversation with artist Judy Stewart Gohringer from the Anderson Arts Building

War (literally) made into art at the Military History Society of Rochester

Krit Upra, one of Rochester’s emerging artists given a stage at Gallery 4 – 8 in the Anderson Arts Building

A collage homage to the Public Market with Lynne Feldman