Millions of views and counting! Athesia makes the featured Bernie Sanders campaign video.


At the Memorial Art Gallery, left to right, Brighton Town Court Judge Karen Morris, Athesia, and former Brighton Town Supervisor Sandra Frankel 1/30/16

bug jar

Hillary Bialecki outside the Bug Jar, Monroe Avenue, 3/12/16

When she heard the news ten hours ago, Athesia Benjamin, art professor at MCC, wrote: Isn’t it crazy?!??! I didn’t go to sleep till about 3 am, I was so pumped.

Yesterday, Athesia, a huge, Rochester, huge, Bernie, supporter appears twice on the newest Bernie Sanders campaign video which is going, as they say, viral. Note: this updated version is at about 410K. The first version was seen by 1.7 million in the first few hours.  UPDATE:  3,854,522 people like this

You met Athesia in Trump supporters outside the Bug Jar where we wrote (including a link to her blog):

Athesia was at Archimage on Monroe Avenue Saturday after the St. Patrick Day Parade. She reports hearing a group of people walk by shouting, “Trump 2016!” And a few seconds later, “White power!”

In the ten years or so I have known Athesia, we’ve talked about art and life. I don’t particularly recall any political conversations.  But Athesia is so alarmed by what she thinks Trump represents, she started her own blog, 2016electiongotmelike, to record such incidents. 

Now, Athesia’s fifteen minutes of fame (for a cause dear to her heart) and counting.


Citizenship in action at the corner of Culver and Parsells

On seeing my first Trump supporters outside the Bug Jar

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