Athesia makes D & C print endorsement!


At the Memorial Art Gallery, left to right, Brighton Town Court Judge Karen Morris, Athesia, and former Brighton Town Supervisor Sandra Frankel 1/30/16 [Photo: David Kramer] from Girl, you are WEARING the dress!

In Outside the Bug Jar, you first learned of Athesia’s election blog. There you saw the picture of her taken at the Inspiring Beauty gala at the Memorial Art Gallery.

In Millions of views and counting! , you watched Athesia’s meterioric rise as a video celebrity. In Paparazzi at the rally, you saw her in-motion montage. In Talker interviewed by Channel 8. Knowledgeable supporters back Cruz;s gold standard you saw the art professor’s provocative piece of political propaganda.


David Kramer inteviewed at the Cruz rally at MCC by Channel 8’s Chris Amato (with beautiful sign made by Athesia) 4/15/16 [Photo: Jennifer Cherelin]


“Speaking Out,” Democrat and Chronicle, 4/17/16 photo from Girl, you are WEARING that dress!

Recently, the Democrat and Chronicle asked members of the 5 active campaigns in Rochester to write letters of support. Athesia was chosen to represent the Bernie Sanders campaign.

As many readers have switched their subscriptions from the D & C to Talker of the Town, we provide the print version of Athesia’s endorsement. Of notethe picture used by the D & C first appeared in Girl, you are WEARING that dress!

Athesia showed me the online version. I find its claims persuasive, its tone reasonable and its prose clear with effective illustrative examples. Yes, the best letter of all five.

The editor in me did see just a few opportunities for further concision: follow Strunk and White’s dictum, Omit unnecessary words.

A few passive constructions shorn and some pronouns, verbs and adjectives rearranged as introductory clauses.

We agreed “callous” was anthropomorphizing, and “indifferent” better.

We both liked her concluding Bernie’s “burden” with its biblical allusion to Jeremiah. Although, perhaps better as: “Bernie’s burden — equality and fairness for all — is as obvious as his Brooklyn accent.”

In Paparazzi, Athesia promised some more from her trip to NYC. There Athesia met Spike Lee (who, alas, spiked the quality of her pic below. Spike, she’s a painter not a photographer).

She also had a bit of tiff with fellow celebrity Tim Robbins (with video forthcoming) as he monopolized a conversation Athesia was having with Jane Sanders. Athesia now sees why Sue is always moaning to her about Tim’s bad behavior. Robbins was married to Susan Sarandon.


lee in nYC

(L- R, Athesia, Affa, and Spike Lee at a recent Sander rally in NYC)

Millions of views and counting! Athesia makes the featured Bernie Sanders campaign video.

Athesia, Video Celeb turned Paparazzi, at the rally

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Girl, you are WEARING that dress! “Inspiring Beauty” at the Memorial Art Gallery