Byrna Weir remembers and honors Don Franklin’s life and art

byrna and don new

(sitting) Don Franklin, (right) Byrna Weir, (sitting on floor) Lynda Howland [Photo: Carol Kramer, @2010]


Carol’s “Christmas Log” inscribed and signed by Don Franklin, Byrna Weir and many others.

In Is Public Input to the D & C a Dead Letter?, we named Byrna Weir a local Letter-to-the-Editor writing titan.

Today, in the Brighton-Pittsford Post, Byrna is perhaps at her most eloquent. (below).

I mostly knew Don from my mother Carol’s annual Christmas Eve parties where Don was a frequent guest. Sometimes Don would read a poem or two he had written or a painting he had done, often in the wee hours of the night in his garage studio.

And, Don — and Byrna — signed Carol’s “Christmas Log.”


Brighton-Pittsford Post, 5/36/16


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