Talker invited to Rochester Free Radio: WRFZ,103.6 FM


On Sunday, George Payne kindly interviewed me in a live broadcast on Rochester Free Radio (WRFZ 103.6 F.M.) for his weekly program, Broken Spear Vision. A philosophy teacher at CCFL, George is the founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International and a frequent contributor to the magazine.broken spear

george paley

George Payne at the Albert Paley sculpture outside the Hungerford Building 6/26/16 [Photo: David Kramer]

Now located in Suite AB 203 in the Hungerford Building (1115 E. Main Street), the station can be heard on the radio (103.6 F.M.) or online, including podcasts. Rochester Free Radio is:

 A community, non-commercial radio station run by volunteers to provide locally-focused, locally-created information, conversation and entertainment.  The goal of RFR is to help solidify the Rochester community by enjoying and celebrating our similarities and differences; our strengths and weaknesses; our ideas and curiosities.sticker

Rochester Free Radio, was created by three members of the community, each with varying degrees of experience in broadcast radio and community activism.  Chuck McCoy, Jeff Moulton and Dave Sutliff-Atias recognized the need for opportunities for unheard individuals and groups to be heard by the rest of Rochester.

Rochester Free Radio broadcasts so that everyone in our community has the chance to interact and exchange ideas for the betterment of the entire community; in particular, those who do not presently have a voice in our local mainstream media.

me darkened

David Kramer at the Albert Paley sculpture outside the Hungerford Building 6/26/16 [Photo: George]

This was the second time on the show as George also invited me last October when Talker was just starting.  See Podcast: Broken Spear Vision, October 11th, 2015 

The October conversation was:

wide ranging from citizen journalism to community blogs to East/Warner and even to my summer of love picaresque.


Rose Mary Woods

As for Sunday, in life stuff happens. 4 minutes into the program, the audio recording failed. So the show now exists only in the memory of anyone listening live. The October show podcast will be up this week on the Broken Spear page. We will be doing a re-take within the next few weeks.

war of the worlds

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 10/31/38

That missing 26 minutes of the show is eerily reminiscent of the case of President Nixon’s Secretary Rose Mary Woods. Fiercely loyal to Nixon, Woods claimed responsibility in a 1974 grand jury testimony for inadvertently erasing up to five minutes of the 1812 minute gap in Nixon’s June 20th, 1972 audio tape. Now dubbed the “Rose Mary Stretch.”

Actually, the event Sunday wasn’t a “Rose Mary Stretch.” At 2:34 p.m. on Sunday, George and I noticed (even though the studio is windowless) that Martians were invading Rochester.  As terrified as were we — and no doubt those listening in their cars — the show producer decided to cut us off. In a prudent move, he determined the authorities should best broadcast the situation, lest panic ensue. Happily, the Martians quickly left Rochester, kindly leaving behind a token of their appreciation.


The Martians next stop was England where they tried to bring her back into the Intergalactic Union.

Talker of the Town invited for a week to Rochester Free Radio with George Payne on the Broken Spear Vision