7 Eleven cuts off Big Gulp

big gulp

BG will now be filled up with freshly brewed homemade coffee

Since May 2015, Big Gulp (BG) and I have gone to the 7 Eleven near Cobb’s Hill where I fill her with coffee for either 1.08 or 1.61 depending on how the clerk rings up the sale. We’ve averaged about 5 visits a week.


True Love at Lake Riley! from A Boy and his BG: A Love Story (visual poem)

Frequently BG and I go to a picnic table near Cobb’s Hill where we write these caffeinated articles.

The 7 Eleven corporate bylaws on allowable BG refills are murky. Ultimately, refill policy is up to the discretion of each individual store. The only store in Rochester to do so, the 7-11 near Cobb’s Hill kindly allowed BG refills with any liquid (myself  the only taker.)

At 7-11, BG has been filled every kind of coffee: Regular, Hazelnut, Brazilian dark roast, Colombian, Guatemalan, High Energy, as well as the specialties and seasonals, Blueberry, Salted Caramel, and Pumpkin, plus 7 Eleven Chillers iced coffee.

The flavoring and mixing possibilities are endless: STOK Black Coffee Shots, Half and Half, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, whole milk, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon gourmet flavored syrup, Vanilla gourmet flavored syrup, Honey Mocha gourmet flavored syrup, Honey gourmet flavored syrup, Chocolate gourmet toppings,  Cinnamon gourmet toppings, white chocolate, chocolate caramel, mini marsh mellows, sweat cream, sugar, and non-dairy creamer.

I liked the triple vanilla BG: Vanilla coffee lightened with non-dairy French Vanilla and laced with Vanilla gourmet flavored syrup. For a difficult story to write, High Energy and a couple of STOK Black Coffee Shots.

But all good things come to an end. Yesterday 7- 11 management decreed that coffee refills for Big Gulps will no longer be offered.

Our last refill was a Mocha Chiller near Lake Riley, watching people play bocce ball.

Since that May day when she first joined the staff, BG has been one of our top Talkers of the Town. In A Boy and his BG: A Love Story (visual poem) (below), she reported live from a rain soaked baseball field in Brighton, from under a bridge, promenading along Monroe Avenue. And even on a stolen kiss at Lake Riley.

In Diehards and the Cobb’s Hill Tennis Courts, she helped Dean and I collect tennis balls to be sold at the Get Some Balls! stand at the Meadowbrook Garage Sale.

BG was there looking for love and hope in the Rochester Subway.

She was up there with me and Mel at our yoga and icecapades in Manhattan Square Park.

And BG gave me a Valentine’s Day gift in From BG with Love.

BG and I will still be together. If anything, this event had brought us closer. Soda refills are still allowed so I will fill her up with Coke or Dr. Pepper at the Elmwood 7-11 on hot summer days after biking or walking on the Brickyard Trail.

BG was there at National Cheesecake Day.

Why did BG climb the mound?  Because it was there.

Why did BG climb the mound? Because it was there.

In On a mound at Cobb’s Hill! And how the City of Rochester handles its loose leaves., BG ascended.

Anyway I have had enough coffee. It’s good to break old habits.

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A Boy and his BG: A Love Story (visual poem)

Rainout -- No game! (1)

Rainout — No game! (1)

Rain Out -- No game 2

Rain Out — No game (2)

A terrible accident!

A terrible accident!


Trapped under the bridge!


To the rescue!



Not really BG's style

Not really BG’s style

BG makes a new friend

BG makes a new friend


A star is born!

BG getting filled

BG getting filled

BG getting paid for

BG getting paid for [even in love money changes hands]

True love at Lake Riley!

True love at Lake Riley!


A year after Reverend Mothers, Empaths of Enlightenment and American buskers at the Park Avenue Festival