Too much fun After Dark at the RMSC

space jams

Space Jams: (l-r) Serena, Romeo, Hectorina, and Dandelion Daniel, Rochester Museum and Science Center, 7/22/16

After reliving July 20th, 1969 with Strasenburgh Planetarium’s Steve Fentress, I was ready to splash down at RMSC After Dark featuring Intergalactic.sold out

Alas — victim of negligent planning — when I arrived the show was sold out. No matter. Just strolling around this urban oasis on this sweetly sultry evening made us all glad to be living in Rochester, New York.


Bold Acquaintance, Alex sitting left. 7/22/16

match made

Match Made in Heaven

Back for a return gig after performing at the Uncorked event, Bold Acquaintance provided the celestial rhythms, quickly making new fans. A recent graduate of Nazareth with a degree in Music planning a career in teaching, Alex now sees himself as part of the RMSC community.

It was date night for two love birds sharing Asian food and beer on the bench. They titled the photo: Match Made in Heaven.

Two women wore Yoda ears. For one, tonight was her first trip back since a 4th grade field trip at Thornell Road Elementary School.


Yoda I and Yoda II


Esa Cesnari in front of Pegasus

Esa Cesnari is a member of the RMSC Players who drew a big crowd for science tricks with dry ice and exploding Pepsi bottles. Debuting as Pegasus, this was Esa’s first time playing a blue horse.


Preparing the exploding Pepsi bottle

The four young women professionals weren’t sure what their headdresses were. Maybe stars. So Serena, Romeo, Hectorina, and Dandelion Daniel called themselves the Space Jams.


Lieutenant Lynn (left) and Ensign Lynn with pregnant Tribble


His last words: Live Long and Prosper

Federation Security Officer Lt. Lynn was escorting Ensign Lynn carrying a pregnant Tribble.

As Star Trek fans would instantly recognize, wearing red Lt. Lynn knew he would not survive till daybreak. Anticipating a Gorn attack, Lynn said he was prepared to throw his body into the line of photon fire. The last extant photograph shows the brave but doomed Lieutenant marching towards a sad but honorable death.


Sheriff Josh

Josh has been a Security Guard for 3 years at the RMSC. He’s never once had to raise his voice if any minor issues arise. Beats bar bouncing by light years.


Photo taken by a first time After Darker


At the Hollister Garden of Fragrance

Living in the Park Avenue and walking over, three After Darkers were enjoying the Garden of Fragrance.

The woman on the left had last been to the RMSC for an 8th grade biology field trip from Bloomfield. She remembers some exhibit on the body that looked like a sliced up dissected cadaver. It was freaky but cool.

Josh confirmed it was the Anatomy exhibit but not a real cadaver. Not surprised by her memory, Josh says older staff members are always referencing that exhibit as the coolest ever.

No visit to the RMSC is complete without a photo-op at the Whispering Dishes. Last year, we captured the Fire and Spice BellyDancers in action.


Fire and Spice Bellydancers performing at the 2015 RMSC After Dark from “How do the Whispering Dishes at the RMSC work?”


As it was finally becoming after dark 7/22/16


“Good therapy” at the RMSC’s Garden of Fragrance with the Rochester Herb Society

47 years ago when the Eagle landed. What July 20th, 1969 has meant over the decades with Strasenburgh Planetarium’s Steve Fentress

Living the Native American way of being at Haudenosaunee Days at the RMSC

How do the Whispering Dishes at the RMSC work?