Learning for the Long Haul: The Campus Sustainability Movement Grows


from Nazareth College’s first “Mini Chautauqua” opens a new conversation on an old theme: nurturing planet Earth


from Rethreading the Web: Catherine Keller and the Theology of Entangled Difference: A Report from the Hickey Center’s Annual Sacred Texts and Human Contexts Conference at Nazareth College by George Payne

George Payne is the founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International and teaches philosophy at Finger Lakes Community College.

In both capacities, George works with local students and attends sustainability workshops and conferences. Today George reviews just some examples of the positive initiatives he has seen on college campuses in the last year and a half of his travels

Nazareth College also is actively engaged in sustainability education.

Last year at Nazareth, George and I attended a “Mini Chautauqua” convening members from various faith communities to discuss how traditional practices provide a spiritual basis reminding us why we are responsible for nurturing the planet.


from Many different paths to restoration” at Nazareth College’s Symposium on Nature and Environment in World Religions

This summer Nazareth’s Sacred Texts and Human Contexts Conference elaborated on how world religions have viewed nature and the environment.

George provided an overview of Catherine Keller’s keynote address; while I looked at how lawyer and university teacher Rick Reibstein has devoted his career to environmental protection.

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Learning for the Long Haul: The Campus Sustainability Movement Grows

Sustainability has more than one meaning. For some it means recycling and reusing. It’s no more complex than that. For some it means living a holistic lifestyle where one’s values are lined up with their consumer habits. And for others it means keeping our planet habitable for future generations. One thing is clear: there is a movement growing on college and university campuses to make sustainability a house hold term which influences every sector of daily life.  From the University of Rochester to Finger Lakes Community College, the area’s institutions of higher learning are becoming not just more aware of their carbon footprint, but willing to take the lead in helping educate the public about what needs to be done to protect our only home.

Photography by George Payne


Hobart William & Smith Colleges Sustainability students attend Naomi Klein talk at Finger Lakes Community College


Naomi Klein at Finger Lakes Community College

Climate change is destroying our path to sustainability. Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Sustainable development offers the best chance to adjust our course. — Ban Ki-moon

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Bust of George Bernard Shaw at Niagara University. GBS was a vegetarian, environmentalist, and early pioneer of social justice based consumerism.


SUNY Brockport students cleaning up the Seth Green Trail along the Genesee River


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