When Carter stumped Rochester in ’76. And Howard the Duck.

In keeping with our Presidential visits to Rochester series, on October 14th, 1976, Georgia Governor and Democratic nominee Jimmy Carter campaigned in Rochester.

graveIn When President John Quincy Adams visited Rochester on July 27th and 28th, 1843 and toured Mt. Hope Cemetery, the grave of Nathaniel lincolnRochester.

In On Abraham Lincoln in Rochester from Michael Nighan, a plaque and a train station.


In Memorial Day, 1892, when President Benjamin Harrison dedicated the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument in Washington Square Park with Frederick Douglass. And Occupy Rochester, Benjamin Harrison, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass in the same park Occupy would occupy.rab-fdr

In FDR’s first visit to Rochester as a national candidate, September 23rd, 1920. And the League of Nations., Rachel in Washington Square Park.

In When President Truman campaigned in Rochester en route to his upset win over NY Governor Thomas Dewey, a thruway sign.dewey-cropped

In 56 years ago when JFK spoke at the War Memorial. Two days after his debate with Nixon. Nine days after RFK was here., the War Memorial.war-memorial

In 45 years ago when President Nixon visited Rochester. And 3 days later when East High School erupted in racial violence a media briefing at the Landmark Hotel in Pittsford.

In 27 years ago today when President George H. W. Bush visited Wilson Magnet High School, a signed chalkboard.

with BrIAN croppedIn A seat at the President’s table three years later, soup and a grilled cheese sandwich at Magnolia’s.


from Ford Library archives

In 5 Meliora Weekends ago when President Clinton spoke. And Great Books with President Seligman some Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


Fri Oct 15, 1976 page 16

On October 14th, 1976, Carter spoke at the airport and on Main Street with crowds exceeding 20,000.


15 Oct 1976 Fri Metro


1976 election. Red = Ford; Blue = Carter

A few weeks later, Carter would win a close victory over President Gerald Ford. While losing Monroe County, Carter won New York, and won nationwide 50 – 48% (297 – 240 Electoral College).


Sat Mar 27 1976 page 7

As seen in When the P.A. announcer told us Nixon had resigned., many still disapproved that Ford had pardoned Nixon.


Thur Mar 25 1976 page 24

During the primaries, Carter campaigned in Rochester twice, on March 27th and April 3rd. On March 25th, Rosalyn Carter visited the Al Sigl Center.


3 Apr 1976, Sat, regional


1976 Democratic primaries. red = Carter; dark brown = Jackson; pink = Wallace; blue = Church; yellow = Udall; green = Brown


Sat Mar 27 1976 page 9

Carter would lose the New York primary to Henry “Scoop” Jackson, also in Rochester on April 3rd.

Almost forgotten 40 years later, there was a dark horse candidate in the presidential race: Howard the Duck.

As seen in Howard the Duck is not for the birds!, during the 1976 presidential campaign, Howard the Duck mania — the avant garde and experimental comic book series — was at its peak.

Howard would run for president as a political outsider. In many ways, Howard himself represented the average voter, alienated and disillusioned in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

As the series progressed, Howard built a lead over Carter and Ford.


But then Howard had an “October surprise” when he was caught in an interspecies love nest. The Duck’s campaign never recovered.scandalEven as late as summer 1977, my father — a diehard Duckther — believed the vote was “rigged” against Howard and the mainstream comic media conspired against The Duck. Eugene never considered Carter’s presidency to be legitimate.   summer-1977-photo-carol

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