The Empty Closet prints “Rochester boasts one of the largest LBTQ libraries in the nation”


The Empty Closet, September 2016 from Historic Donation (see at end)


On page 30, read about the Volunteers of the Month


8/12 from We Are Orlando

In its November issue, The Empty Closet kindly reprinted Rochester boasts one of the largest LGBTQ libraries in the nation. (below).

So far the online version has 656 views.  No doubt the viewers were highly impressed by the library and have perhaps already visited.

This is the second time The Closet used one of our pieces. In the digital age, in 2016 even more so than in 2012, making print is an unalloyed pleasure becoming scarcer and scarcer.

November 2016 Issue Empty Closet


Scanned courtesy of the RPL’s Local History Division


Rochester boasts one of the largest LGBTQ libraries in the nation.

One of the largest LGBTQ libraries in the nation receives historic donation from EUGENE Kramer

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