On the Other Side: a montage of Rochester’s resting places. And Susan B. Anthony’s gravesite on Election Day.


Ashley Edlund covering the event for News 8, Mt. Hope Cemetery, 11/08/16

Yesterday on Election Day, according to the Democrat and Chonicle, over seven thousand people gathered at the gravesite of Susan B. Anthony in Mt. Hope Cemetery for a day long tribute on the 96th anniversary on the first election in 1920 when woman could cast their vote nationwide. People came early, lined up all day, and stayed well past the scheduled 9 p.m. closing time.


Patrice Walsh of WHAM Channel 13 News 11/08/16

The event was covered by multiple media outlets. Channel 8 News and a RIT student group live-streamed all day. The New York Times ran “Voters Gather at Susan B. Anthony’s Grave in Rochester.”  Newsweek wrote, “How the Susan B. Anthony Tombstone Became a Monument of Hope for Hillary Clinton Supporters.”  National Susan B. Anthony House & Museum Executive Director Deborah Hughes was interviewed by the BBC.

On the 65 degree day, the normally placid cemetery felt buoyant and life affirming as person after person left “I Voted” stickers and other tributes at Anthony’s gravesite.

I met Ashley Edlund covering the event for News 8.   For Ashley, the day was very emotional. As Ashley said, women of her generation (she is 27) grew up in a world of equal rights.  Ashley was thrilled to see so many of her peers come to Mt. Hope to pay homage to the previous generations who have advanced the cause.


With Representative Louise Slaughter (center) and friend [Photo: member of Louise’ staff] 11/08/16

This drizzly and damp morning a few people were back at the gravesite, including Susan B. Anthony House Executive Director Deborah Hughes.  The mood was somber.  The large majority of the 7,000 who had gathered the day before had voted for Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president of the United States.


The morning after. National Susan B. Anthony House Executive Director Deborah Hughes, 11/09/16


The morning of November 9th. Photo by Gia Liol

George Payne prepared On the Other Side: a montage of Rochester’s resting places well ahead of the election. George’s images capture the timeless essence of resting places throughout Rochester, including many from Mount Hope Cemetery. On a day when we can all use some perspective, the montage perhaps provides another window.

Photography by George Payne with links to articles by George and others.