We need you!


The UR’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority wants you to submit to Talker! The chapter members are HUGE fans of the magazine. University of Rochester Quadrangle, 11/18/16 [Photo: David Kramer]


Siobhan Seigne at the George Eastman statue see Fur is not yet dead at the University of Rochester 11/18/16

The bad news is that Talker writers are, alas, feeling the strain of multiple commitments and demands on our time.

The good news is the magazine is — always — a communal endeavor. If you have enjoyed the magazine, please consider contributing your own stories and/or images on whatever topics interest you. We very much welcome and need many voices. Or, at least, please suggest the same to friends, on facebook or in person.

The contact email is on every page: David Kramer dkramer3@naz.edu

That said, in the past year, we’ve had great contributions (below): from Bill Pruitt and Justin Delinois and Olivia Spenard and Leslie Kramer and  Michael Nighan and Dean Tucker and Shadi Kafi  and Emily Sargent and Bruce Kay and Jason Muhammad and Kitty Jospé and Jordan Ebersberger and George Payne and John Roche and Courtney Kuhn and Anna Gleason and Rajesh Barnabas and Stefan Cohen and Athesia Benjamin and Julie Everitt. 

And that list is very partial. See To readers and contributors, much thanks


(l-r, t-b) Bill Pruitt, Justin Delinois, Olivia Spenard, Leslie Kramer, Michael Nighan, Dean Tucker, Shadi Kafi, Emily Sargent. Bruce Kay, Jason Muhammad, Kitty Jospé, Jordan Esberger , George and Mendon Payne, John Roche, Courtney Kuhn, Anna Gleason, Rajesh Barnabas, Stefan Cohen, Athesia Benjamin and Julie Everitt. Image created with much appreciation by the Rush Rhees’ IT staff.


Issue No. 2 Scanned courtesy of the UR’s Rush Rhees library 11/18/16

Our call for your support has now a certain urgency. Today at the University of Rochester we discovered a new print newspaper is snaking its way through town: Genesee River Rebellion: A Publication of Rochester Black Rose Anarchist Federation.


UR’s Rush Rhees’s library, 11/18/16 [Photo: Siobhan Seigne]

While we respect the right of the anarchist federation to make its voice heard, we are concerned that black rose rebels have been spotted on the Rush Rhees barricades and next to the George Eastman statue.


Siobhan Seigne at the George Eastman statue see The sky announces the Moon Dress landing at Meliora Weekend 11/18/16

So don’t let Talker wither away. Your choices will be stark: the Democrat and Chronicle and the Genesee River Rebellion. As Madame Pompadour would say, après Talker, le Déluge.


Fur is not yet dead at the University of Rochester

The sky announces the Moon Dress landing at Meliora Weekend

Score one for love at Meliora Weekend

Print is not dead yet at the University of Rochester

Talker invited to the University of Rochester to talk about Talker