Having defeated Trump in 1961, Rochestarian Peter Roby welcomes a rematch


Peter Roby when winning the CC of Rochester Invitation in the ’90’s.



If you browse for “Donald Trump” in the Democrat and Chronicle‘s digital archives, one of the earliest references will be in 1979. But the very first one will be August 9, 1961. On August 8th, 1961 Peter Roby of the Country Club of Rochester defeated Donald Trump of Hudson 6-5 in the NYS Junior Division Tournament in Troy.



With the help of the Country Club of Rochester, I tracked down Rochestarian Peter Roby to find out what he might remember about that 1961 match.

Peter owns Horizon Solutions and now splits his time between Florida and Wyoming. A longtime member of the CCR, Peter has had a pretty successful golfing career. In addition to his 1960 NYS Boys’ title, Peter won a CCR Invitational in the 90’s and the 1999 Rochester Business Classic. Today, Peter holds an impressive one handicap.


Donald Trump attempts a shot from the rough at the Trump International Golf Links Course at Balmedie, Scotland, in July 2012. Photograph: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Peter does remember the tournament, but doesn’t have any concrete recollections of his match with the soon to be 45th President. 1961 was a long time ago. At the same time, when he saw the clipping, Peter took a little pleasure in reconnecting with that August day.

Peter is not a Trump fan, joking that Trump would probably say that it was he who actually won the match. Not that it’s likely, Peter went a step further. Peter says he’d welcome a rematch with Mr. Trump.

Apparently, Trump is a three handicap player, although The Guardian thinks he might be lying.  As a bona fide one handicap player, Peter is very, no extremely, confident he would win. Hey, it would be a landslide.

Peter added that he very much hopes Trump won’t run the presidency the way he ran his campaign.


Landing a big one in Wyoming. In golf, Rochesterian Peter Roby defeated President-elect Donald Trump in 1961.


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