Abandoned farms in Brighton

Groos 1

Photos: January 17th – January 24th, 2017

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This photo appeared in The Times Union in 1967 under the headline “600 Acres Up for Sale.” The article stated that “Brighton cattle baron Max Gonsenhauser, who owns the largest single block of property in Brighton, today declared he was ‘cutting down’ on his cattle business and indicated 600 acres of property is for sale. Gonsenhauser, who began farming in Brighton on borrowed money and on a rented farm after fleeing Nazi Germany in 1938, sold 228 of his finest milk cows from a Victor farm in 1964 after he suffered a heart attack.” from Historic Brighton News

In keeping with our abandoned farms series, today we look at the ruined farmhouses adjacent to Buckland Town Park on the old Gonsenhauser property.

The farms  — one still having a partial sign indicating its last inhabitants, the Groos family — cast a stark contrast to the rest of manicured Brighton.  Eerily set on Westfall Road, they might be the last abandoned structures in Brighton.  The ruins include two silos, two abandoned homes, and other dilapidated buildings and sheds.

And, yes, they are haunted.



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silop 2
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