A garden for peaceful contemplation on the corner of South and Elmwood.



The area where South and Elmwood Avenues intersect can be dreary on a slushy overcast afternoon. Traffic is slow and people rush quickly from the Al Sigl Center to reach their cars in the windswept parking lot. In the distance, the abandoned Pysch Center casts a gloomy image.

Although I’ve passed that spot many times, on Wednesday I discovered for the first the John N. Paris garden for peaceful contemplation. With its 12 sided obelisk, plaque and then-snow covered two benches, the garden does not seem to attract much attention in winter time.

The striking feature is the obelisk. On each of its panels, in twelve languages, is inscribed: May Peace Prevail on Earth.

In a time when some Americans want to pull back from the peoples of the world, the obelisk is a powerful emblem of the oneness of humanity.

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Driving for reading outside Wolk Hall: Literacy Volunteers of Rochester

Garden blooming at 7 Eleven on the corner of Clinton and Elmwood