Singing resistance in the produce section in Wegmans

featuredAt 3pm yesterday, about twenty people began singing in the produce section in the Pittsford Wegmans.  Right before, the group had sung and held signs at the Marshalls and McDonald’s across the street.


This onlooker strongly supported the group. He was glad the message is going beyond City Hall, Washington Square Park, and the Liberty Pole and right to Pittsford.

Some of the signs simply said, Resist. Others were more specific, calling upon the Sunday afternoon shoppers — and Wegmans — to speak out against the travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Watch the resistance flash mob singing at Wegmans 

Within a minute of the first song, people began to respond. Some joined the singing. A few were moved to tears.

But exactly what were we seeing and hearing?  To learn more, I turned to one of the event organizers.

America is, and has been, a pluralistic society, and employers need to vocally stand with those who make their business possible. This Muslim ban will have profound negative effects on their Muslim customers and employees, and brown people of all faiths, as we’ve already witnessed. The primary purpose of this flash mob is to pressure businesses to drop Trump products, and to also denounce this Muslim ban.

The secondary purpose is simply to sing songs of freedom. Singing is healing…even more so when we sing with others. Community is also healing. Singing together, and listening to others sing, is a balm in this stressful time.


For this man, the singers reminded him of the 60s when Vietnam War protesters regularly gathered at the Liberty Pole.


ellaBefore the event, the group gathered at a nearby home to practice.

Practicing before hand (audio)


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