“Joy Abounds”

joy 1

Photos provided by George

A graduate of the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, George Payne teaches philosophy at Finger Lakes Community College and is the founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International.


I am a victim of the future.
Joyless, one day I will rot
with the mud worms.

Disintegrating into the murky
tunnels of the moles and shrews,
I will decompose into the difference
between wonder and surprise.
Joy 2

That’s why I am joyful today.

The sky is too dolphin belly clean
not to suck it in with sublime reflection.
The rivers are too unscripted not to analyze
their currents and rapids with a prayerful smile.
The mountains are too grief stricken not to stand
in awe of their shadows’ unlimited trauma.

joy 3

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