Many voices against hate at the Twelve Corners


3/12/17 [Photo: David Kramer]

one in all hebrew

From the Jewish section in Mt. Hope Cemetery

For the second time in six months, the Twelve Corners in Brighton was a place of hope and solidarity. In October, we gathered in the town square for an anti-racism vigil.   See An anti-racism vigil and Black Lives Matter signs in Brighton

Yesterday, in the wake of the desecration of Jewish graves on Stone Road and two bomb threats at the Jewish Community Center, several hundred people stood in solidarity against hate crimes at a Rally Against Anti-Semitism.

While the event organizers, Hannah Brown and Milo Lomi, are Jewish, the rally was designed to bring together a diversity of groups and social justice activists. As members of the Anti-Fascist League, Hannah and Milo are especially concerned about the upsurge of white supremacist activity in our area.


Brighton Town Supervisor William Moehle

Brighton has both thriving Jewish and Muslim communities, and it was inspirational to see so many members of the Muslim community at the Twelve Corners in solidarity. Brighton Town Supervisor William Moehle had that morning been at the JCC lending support.  Bill said that when the JCC was threatened, members of the Islamic Center in Brighton immediately called him, asking how they could help.

On Sunday we saw what can happen when people of good will gather to condemn hate.

Filmmaker Mara Ahmed spoke at the event and explains the message of the rally:

We are in this together, so if there is any kind of hate crime, if there is any kind of attack against the Jewish community, the Muslim community, the LGBTQ community, we are in it together and this is a very public way of making this statement.

Mara also offered a photo album

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Judy Bello

Judy Gohringer. [Photo: David Kramer]

jewish voice for piece

Provided by Mara Ahmed. Mara second to the left


Photo: Mara Ahmed

Nazareth students

Nazareth College students. Mara third from the left. [Photo; David Kramer]


Ray Ray Mitrano (left) biked in for the event. [Photo: Mara Ahmed]


Jack Bradigan Spula also biked in for the event. [Photo: David Kramer]


Photo: Mara Ahmed


An anti-racism vigil and Black Lives Matter signs in Brighton

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