Excitement grows on Culver Road as East wins third straight. Bishop Kearney is next.


Darwin (right) playing catch with his son. Darwin’s nephew plays for East. 4/3/17

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Democrat and Chronicle, 4/4/17

This spring, watching East baseball is becoming the happening thing.

pitcher cropped

John Segarra pitched 5 scoreless, no-hit inning with 11 strikeouts. Also went 2 -4 with an RBI

Last week, scores of fans braved the light hail to watch East beat the School of the Arts.  Today, many more came to watch East play Edison.  The Eagles gave up their first hits of the year, but handily won their third straight RCAC game 13 – 3.

As seen in Following a historic season, East baseball opens with back-to-back no hitters., last year the Eagles made it all the way to the sectional finals.

A game at East is the gathering of a whole community:  students, teachers, alumni, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  Last year many of the same people made the trek to Dwyer Stadium in Batavia for those sectional finals.  And this year, the sky is the limit for poised and polished Eagles who feel they can compete with anyone: city or suburb or the team in Flushing, NY they will play on their spring break road trip.

with East fans

With East fans in the bleachers. [Photo: grandfather of an East player]

It’s a long season and the team will face tough competition, especially tomorrow against Bishop Kearney.  But, win or lose, the excitement grows on Culver Road.


Grandfather of an East player


East Big Picture Principal Deon Rodgers

crowd 2

press box

In the pressbox. Mike Perkins (sitting) and Maurice Rice (standing). They say the tricky part of scorekeeping is reading the umpire’s balls and strikes calls.

first baseman

First baseman Matos Lemuel was 2-2 with 4 RBI and nifty catch of an infield soft liner.

modified coach

Jose Alicea ’14, brother of East pitcher Joel Alicea (left) with modified baseball coach Beauchamp

ladies of East

The ladies of East


Coach Crandall giving signs off third base


(left) Selina Ferrer and (right) Grace Davila with Xavian Duran

post game

post game huddle


Following a historic season, East baseball opens with back-to-back no hitters.