Shopping for all the women in your life at the La Femme Women’s Expo at Arbor Loft


Kate Western of Roc Drop suggested guys get SENSATION to please the women in their lives.

Last year, in Girl, you are WEARING that dress! “Inspiring Beauty” at the Memorial ArtGallery I went to an exhibit of women’s fashion is search of a few pointers.

How should I — a guy with a decidedly middling fashion sense — best compliment a woman’s gown? The results were a boon to my love life.

In search of more romantic wisdom, today I went to the Femme Women’s Expo at Arbor Loft (above Hart’s Grocery in downtown Rochester).


Short list of women (or men) in your life you might want to please.

There are I met Arbor Loft’s owner Agathi Georgiou who organized La Femme Women’s Expo Rochester, a boutique style event celebrating local women business owners.  Agathi has run similar events in Buffalo and Syracuse, all designed to highlight business that focus on the needs of women — who make between 70 – 80% of household purchases.

Today’s expo drew hundreds of people wanting to support women-owned businesses and to luxuriate in the wide array of products designed for healthy bodies and souls.  Agathi said at least 98% of the visitors were women.  So I had plenty of experts to help with my search.

The goal was simple.  What products should I buy to best please the (hypothetical) women in my life?

Agathi made the first recommendation for my co-worker. As Agathi said, if she’s your woman co-worker, then she knows how to get shi*t done.


Agathi recommended this sign as a gift to a woman co-worker.

Next, I needed something for a (hypothetical) teenage daughter — what might have been a fearful errand. But I found the ideal present for that (hypothetical) teenage daughter getting ready for her first prom.  Justine Wenzel at the Mary Kay booth set me up with perfect prom night makeup.  Being hip and giving the gift of mascara will make you a “Cool Dad” non nonpareil.


Really cool dads get makeup for their teenage daughters getting ready for their first prom. Justine Wenzel with just the appropriate set from Mary Kay.

Next, we switched gears a bit as I realized I could also shop at the expo for my male friends — with something splashy in mind for my to-be-unnamed cross dressing friend.  Katie Graham and Lee Ann Weeden asked if my friend looked pretty in pink.  He does!  As I am the same height and build as my friend, Katie and Lee Ann chose for us something pink from Vintage Jane.


Katie Graham helping me choose outfit. [Photo: Lee Ann Weeden]

Next, I needed by something for the (hypothetical) mistress on my list.  I sought out Kate Western of Roc Drop, Wellness, Purpose, Abundance [pictured at top] . Kate recommended Sensation, an oil rubbed on a woman’s thighs provoking intense desire.  Sold!  I did wonder why my (hypothetical) mistress would need a libido enhancing oil if she had me.  But Kate assured me the oil would only be mere icing on the cake.


Danielle Shortino and Julie Antonucci of Bombshell Beauty.

The Femme Women’s Expo provided multi-stop shopping.  To hedge my bets, I bought my (hypothetical) wife two beautiful shirts suggested by Danielle Shortino and Julie Antonucci of Bombshell Beauty.

Love is cruel. So I also got my (hypothetical) ex-wife some White Sage Incense from Catherine Rising.  Catherine says the incense clears away negative energy.  I am sure the White Sage will come in handy for my (hypohetical) ex-wife.


Catherine of Catherine Rising recommends White Sage incense designed to clear negative energy — for spouses past, present and future.

Speaking of marriage, a to-be-unnamed friend of mine says he is beginning to feel his years in the conjugal duty department.  No prob!  Kate — of SENSATION — suggested I get my friend some Goldenrod, a male aphrodisiac.  She assured me he will be feeling chipper in no time.


Kate suggested Goldenrod will bring back that honeymoon feeling. [Photo: Kate Western]


For Lydia (left) and Erika, the Expo was the highlight of the weekend. They run the fashion blog, El.Elemental, and came by with credit card in hand.

Finally, I told Michele Arms there was a real girl I wanted to date if she would have me.  At Trim Soy Candles, we found a gift that was romantic without being too forward: a candle and a wine bottle light. The goal is to sow in the mind of that to-be-unnamed woman the idea of inviting me to her place for a candle lit night cap!


Michelle Arms at Trim Soy Candles


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