Adding a wooded haven to the Cobb’s Hill series with a stroll through Washington Grove


Inside one of the abandoned water towers atop Washington Grove. From 172 years ago when the Millerites trudged down Cobb’s Hill


George Cassidy Payne. See also Genesee Valley Park Awakens

Over the last two years, we’ve chronicled the richness of Cobb’s Hill.

There was the 100 inning softball game and a 42 year croquet league and a thirty year old basketball league. And a chilly November tennis match and a chilly April Frisbee game, a cyclocross, a leaf mound , a remembrance of a tragedy, when the Millerites trudged up and down the hill and sledding in a March blizzard. (SEE SERIES AT END)

Today, George Cassidy Payne offers another one of his naturalistic montages as he captures the ancient beauty of Washington Grove.


On the edge of Cobb’s Hill Park, there is a 27 acre forest in the city known as “Washington Grove.”

In 1932, the city and school district dedicated this quiet wooded haven, and it soon became a popular outside laboratory for learning about the natural sciences and civic responsibility.


Today, the 200 year old oaks still offer important lessons. Nestled on top of kames and kettles, this may be the most ancient biosphere open to the public for recreational visitation in Rochester.