The Lilac Festival and the missing monarch


On Elmwood Avenue. 5/10/17

With the Lilac Festival just around the corner, now’s the time to look back at last year’s festival.

In Living Lilac. On the Road, we looked at the vendors who live for the duration of the festival in the encampment on South Avenue. We met Livia, Rick, Dan, Maria, Lazarus and Joe who travel around the northeast selling food and entertainment at festivals like ours.  And at 9:06 in morning Carl Gaedt was setting up the main stage audio; while Chris Beyer was preparing the tent audio.


Livia Green from Massachusetts. From Living Lilac. On the Road

In A modest proposal for the Festival’s troubles. Bring back the Lilac Queen. And add a King, we searched in vain for the festival’s missing monarch. We also suggested the festival re-instate the monarchy to help curb festival mayhem.

In Talker gets some lilac love from the Democrat and Chronicle, our proposal received attention from a local newspaper. With a new controversial festival rule that children 16 and under must have parental supervision, our non-coercive idea makes even more sense.

In On bikes and writing: Bike Writers, we met Dave Dowd and Monica Majcher of the Bike Writers.

This year’s festival includes a sad memory. In the years that Charlotte Lahr ran her liquor store on South Avenue, she was a beaming presence right across from the festival, always generous with her white wine samplings for thirsty festival goers. Tragically, Char was murdered several months ago. A remembrance shrine remains outside the store. See Charlotte Lahr (1970 – 2017)

UPDATE: At today’s parade, floats passed the store.


Lilac Festival Parade. 5/13/17

And this year, the vendors are back for more.  The encampment is filling up.

Big Kahuna’s is back.

And I met vendor Eric Goshorn, music consultant who works festivals for Road Runner records. Eric is here from New Castle, Pennsylvania for his first Lilac Festival and his first time in Rochester.  Interestingly, Eric’s clan hails from Rochester. While Eric is here, he’s tracking down any surviving kin or gravesites. Today, Eric looked up at the perfect spring sky and marveled at Rochester’s weather.


Eric Goshorn 5/10/17 see Living Lilac. On the Road


The Guardian, the Crime Victims Memorial and other tucked away gems in Highland Park

Living Lilac. On the Road.

A modest proposal for the Festival’s troubles. Bring back the Lilac Queen. And add a King

Talker gets some lilac love from the Democrat and Chronicle

On bikes and writing: Bike Writers

Charlotte Lahr (1970 – 2017)