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Photo: Jacqueline Charlesworth

Talker has yet to monetize.  We don’t even have a donate button.  So far it’s been a labor of love not money. Nonetheless, last week the bill came due.  It costs $ 251.88 (plus some sundry fees) to yearly run the magazine.

In what is mostly a marketing and curiosity experiment more than a do-or-die fundraising mission, we are asking any interested readers to make a charitable donation to keep Talker sustainable.

If you’ve liked the magazine, you can send donations in two ways.  You can send a check to David Kramer at 155 Avalon Drive, Rochester NY 14618.  Or — here’s the experiment part — if you want to remain anonymous, just send cash and no return address on the envelope.

Most importantly, all proceeds beyond $ 251.88 will be redistributed to the writers.

Believe it or not, it’s not really about the money.  Just a chance for people to get more involved.



We need you!

Says who you can’t get rich being a writer.


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