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Talker has yet to monetize.  We don’t even have a donate button.  So far it’s been a labor of love not money. Nonetheless, last week the bill came due.  It costs $ 251.88 (plus some sundry fees) to yearly run the magazine.

In what is mostly a marketing and curiosity experiment more than a do-or-die fundraising mission, we are asking any interested readers to make a charitable donation to keep Talker sustainable.

If you’ve liked the magazine, you can send donations in two ways.  You can send a check to David Kramer at 155 Avalon Drive, Rochester NY 14618.  Or — here’s the experimental part — if you want to remain anonymous, just send cash and no return address on the envelope.

Most importantly, all proceeds beyond $ 251.88 will be redistributed to the writers.

Believe it or not, it’s not really about the money.  Just a chance for people to get more involved.



Talker’s experiment is an “incomplete success.” But it’s not too late.

Talker’s Foreign Correspondent sends donation home

Thanks, Anonymous Donor!

Says who you can’t get rich being a writer.

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