Talker’s experiment is an “incomplete success.” But it’s not too late.

In April 1980, when an American military mission failed to rescue hostages held in the American embassy in Tehran, then President Jimmy Carter declared the mission was “an incomplete success.”  That phrase captures Talker‘s noble experiment.

As described in Help Talker fill its empty hat, we have chosen not to monetize, having neither advertisements, a donate or pay pal button.  So when the bill came due to pay for the magazine, we passed the digital hat.  The experimental aspect was that we asked people to contribute the old fashioned way: via check or, if fans want to remain anonymous, in cash.  So far the results have been . . . incomplete.  But it’s not too late.

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Eric pig book

Eric Kemperman from the 1985 Brown University Class Album, also known as the “Pig Book”

Our first contribution, coincidentally or not, came from our very first subscriber, Eric Kemperman.  Eric was munificent, but also pointed out the flaw:

Hey Dave,
I’ll send you a few bucks.  But I would recommend setting up a PayPal account for Talker.  Way easier than sending checks.

Eric sent his donation in a thoughtful card with suggestions for receiving grants.Eric's card

Our second (and so far final) contribution came from Aunt Janet. Janet has long been a friend of the magazine. For her story, Our new Pacific Northwest sports commentator. On the Seahawks, and some Bills. Janet bought the entire baseball card set of the 1969 Seattle Pilots.

Our media pundit and historian, Michael Nighan, made a still to be verified donation. Nighan claims he went to the White House where he was able to fill a hat with rubles.

Remember, it’s not too late!


Provided by Michael Nighan


Provided by Michael Nighan


Help Talker fill its empty hat

Talker’s Foreign Correspondent sends donation home

Says who you can’t get rich being a writer.