Farewell, RochesterSubway.com! And thanks for your labor of love.

Mike G

Mike Governale from Rochester Subway

Today — belatedly — I learned that the blog Rochester Subway has ceased or at least taken a long hiatus. (see below) In 2009, Mike Governale and others began “digging up stories from Rochester’s past and uncovering new ideas that will undoubtedly shape our community’s future.”  Since then, contributors produced thousands of stories on a wide range of topics.  The end of Rochester Subway — truly  a labor of love — is our loss.

Throughout the life of our magazine, we’ve encouraged people to get more involved. To be sustainable, we need many voices and many hands.

In Talker is doing experiential journalism (formerly gonzo journalism). Join us we explained the madness behind our method and in We need you! we showcased our writers and our need for more. Recently — when the yearly bills came due — we asked for funds so we can increase our capabilities and, if possible, pay writers.

See “The love ($) you get is equal to the love ($) you give” — adapted from John Lennon, Help Talker fill its empty hat and Talker’s experiment is an “incomplete success”; But it’s not too late. and Talker’s Foreign Correspondent sends donation home

The UR’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority wants you to submit to Talker!

The UR’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority wants you to submit to Talker! From We need you! [Photo: David Kramer]

If you’ve enjoyed the magazine — or know people who have — please encourage yourself or others to get more involved.  Just email David Kramer at dkramer3@naz.edu .  Let’s keep Talker sustainable.

“The End of the Line”

By Mike Governale

Many of you have noticed our extended hiatus and have begun asking if this is the end for RocSubway. I didn’t think it would be necessary to say anything about it. But for those of you who had followed this blog like religion for so long, you deserve some closure.

A little while ago I lost my job and decided to start my own web design business instead of going back to work for someone else. That was the best decision I ever made for myself. But it also means I now work pretty much nonstop with little time for anything else. What extra time I do have, I put into growing ReconnectRochester. Reconnect is a nonprofit organization doing amazing work to change the way transportation is viewed in Monroe County. It’s something I’m very proud of. And it began with a seed planted right here.

So I’m not going away, really. I just won’t be posting much here for the foreseeable future. In the meantime you’re welcome to join me over at Reconnect. Or perhaps I’ll run into you somewhere else, helping to make our community better in your own way.

Before I sign off, I want to say thank you.

I’ve gained much more from every RocSubway reader I’ve met (virtually and in person) than what I’ve given on these pages. Always remember there are important lessons for the future buried deep within our past. Everywhere you look in this city—behind every wall and within every person—you will find a beautiful story. We’ve only scraped the surface.

On a recent trip to New York City (my previous home) I came across a poem in the subway by former U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins. I cannot think of better words to close with…

As you fly swiftly underground
with a song in your ears
or lost in the maze of a book,

remember the ones who descended here
into the mire of bedrock
to bore a hole through this granite,

to clear a passage for you
where there was only darkness and stone.
Remember as you come up into the light


Talker is doing experiential journalism (formerly gonzo journalism). Join us

“The love ($) you get is equal to the love ($) you give” — adapted from John Lennon

We need you!

Help Talker fill its empty hat