Government UFO Disclosure Will Be a Paradigm Shift

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George Payne was shown original photos of the moon landing from a family member who worked at Kodak for thirty years. Buzz Aldrin is the astronaut.


Provided by George Payne

A graduate of the  Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, George Cassidy Payne has a long standing interest in Cosmic Theology.

In 2015, at Finger Lakes Community College, George offered an Honors Course, “Apparitions, UFOs and Savior Myths.”  In 2015, he taught a well received class on UFOs at The Rochester Brainery.

Government UFO Disclosure Will Be a Paradigm Shift

We all know that UFOs are real. All we need to ask is where do they come from.

— Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, after his Apollo 14 Moon flight in 1971

For centuries, the prospect of UFOs has raised countless questions. Are their occupants hostile or friendly? Do they have occupants at all? Is there a way to communicate with them? What source of power do they use to travel? Do aliens believe in God? What does their revelation mean for organized religion? The inquiries are seemingly endless.

But one question that has been finally answered is whether UFOs exist. As the world now knows, the Pentagon up until 2012 had spent $22 million on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Not only did researches in this program test theories about extraterrestrial craft interfering in our airspace, it reportedly collected physical evidence from some of them. According to Robert Bigelow, the billionaire investor of the project and a longtime UFO researcher, his company gathered video and audio recordings of reported UFO incidents for the U.S. military. One such video included a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet surrounded by some kind of radiant glow traveling at high speed and gyrating as it moved. The Navy pilots can be heard trying to fathom what they are witnessing. “There’s a whole fleet of them,” one exclaims in a state of bewildered excitement. Astonishingly, Bigelow also claims that his company stored metal alloys and other materials recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena. In a CBS “60 Minutes” interview, he said, “I am absolutely convinced that aliens exist and that UFOs have visited earth.”


Human footprints on the moon. Original photo of the moon landing from one of George Payne’s family member who worked at Kodak for thirty years.

The revolutionary significance of this admission cannot be overstated. Never before has the Department of Defense — in collaboration with the private sector and major news corporations — announced with such intentional solemnity that UFOs are real. This was the genuine article. It may be the closest our nation will ever come to official disclosure, and when we are ready to fully accept what happened, this disclosure will be a paradigm shift in the way that our species perceives our place in the cosmos. It will be the most remarkable discovery since Copernicus declared: “Finally we shall place the sun himself at the center of the Universe.”

Everything is about to change. The speculation and ignorant denial that has plagued this topic for much too long is coming to an end. The time for honest research, purposeful communication and creative action is upon us. With this news, our global civilization has begun the steady and irresistible climb to the next level of self-awareness.

George Cassidy Payne is the founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International, a SUNY adjunct humanities instructor and domestic violence counselor. 

This article was also recently printed in the Daily Messenger and the Minority Reporter.

On a UFO sighting by George and myself right here in Rochester:

Talker invited to Rochester Free Radio: WRFZ,103.6 FM


Touring Hawkeye: An Inside Look at Kodak’s Most Enigmatic Landmark

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  1. George Payne

    Thank you, Michael. I suspect that we share the same objective: to combat ignorance and promote critical thinking. I appreciate your thoughtful response and concede that so much of this topic is clouded by speculation and lack of scientific inquiry. I am very excited to see what the metal alloys are all about. If this program has material, I think the whole scientific community should be allowed to analyze it.

    I do need to correct some of your assertions. We are not dealing with a few individual witnesses. Hundreds of military, government, NASA, and independent researchers-from all over the world- have made these claims. I do recommend that you familiarize yourself with the impressive and courageous work of the Disclosure Project.

    Make no mistake about it, this was disclosure on an official level. The program was organized by the Pentagon. The release of this program’s existence was sent directly to mainstream news outlets such as the NYT and Washington Post. Allowing the Air Force pilot to share his testimony, along with actual footage, is the closest we may ever get to an official revelation. Whether people care or not is another matter. But you are right to point out that we still do not have proof of occupancy, origin, or intention.

    Speaking of which, why should you assume that “they” are not interested in us? I am gathering that you believe my position is anthropomorphic and that only humans care about humans. But isn’t your assumption committing the same anthropomorphic fallacy? If they are intelligent, wouldn’t curiosity, exploration, and data collection be hallmark features of their civilization? At any rate, it is anthropomorphic to assume that because they are smarter than us they would not be interested in us. That is a sad but ubiquitous human notion if ever there was one. We have no idea how they think or what they care about.

    That said, we are certainly interested in ants and parasites. We are also interested in visiting the outer reaches of our solar system just because we can. Intelligence and curiosity seem to go hand in hand. To reiterate, neither one of us knows how they would be intelligent or what reasons they have for applying their intelligence. I suppose that is why the government authorized this program in the first place.

    Lastly, there is no reason to apologize. I only write to generate thinking, I am not seeking an audience of like minded individuals. And I am not looking to make skeptics feel validated about their worldview.

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet

  2. Michael Nighan

    George – You ended with a Shakespeare quote, let me begin with one:

    “Foolery, sir, does walk about the orb like the sun. It shines everywhere.” – Twelfth Night

    As to the results of the Pentagon’s recently-released, “Advanced Aviation Thread Identification Program”, we’ll have to agree to disagree as to what, if any evidence it supplied that supports the conclusion that alien civilizations are visiting this planet. Like the Air Force’s UFO projects Sign, Grudge and Bluebook in the 1940s – 1960s, no irrefutable evidence was provided, merely speculation.

    As to the hundreds of individuals who claim to have seen UFOs (as previously stated, I dislike such a meaningless term) I do indeed consider that to be a small number out of the hundreds of millions living in areas where the means to report sightings and “close encounters” exist. Further, at the risk of being cynical, I have to disregard anecdotal evidence. The fact that some are from pilots, military personnel and other professional observers seems little different from the fact that equally large numbers, including professional observers, claim to have seen angels (perhaps IFCs? Identified Flying Cherubim?). To say nothing of the 1 out of 5 Americans who claim they’ve seen a ghost. In addition, those accepting such claims of sightings and interactions at face value must either accept ALL such claims as sincere and valid, or apply some arbitrary and potentially biased methodology for screening out the kookier claims.

    By the way, I never meant to give the impression that I though that “they” might not be interested in us. I was merely commenting on how in the various claimed sightings and encounters, “they” appear to be acting in a less-than-scientific manner

    That being said, we’re nevertheless caught in a quandary when discussing the observation techniques which alien visitors might employ, and their intent in doing so. On one hand, applying our human logic and values is anthropomorphic in the extreme. But on the other, it’s psychologically impossible for us to think like anything but a human.


  3. George Payne

    Michael, thanks again for your responses. I tend not to agree or disagree about any topic until scientific investigation can prove one way or the other. I am certainly not purporting that alien civilizations are visiting this planet, at least not in the way most people in our culture think about visiting. There are so many other possibilities. They could be from here. They could be within a dimension that exists next to us. They could be manifested from within us. They could also be coming to stay, not visit. I don’t think we can put a limit on the different possibilities that exist beyond our paradigms,

    What I am saying is that the government revealed to the American people that we are not alone in the way that we have been told our whole lives. Something other Earthly seems to be happening and the government is acknowledging it. I think that you are correct to question the usefulness of the term UFOs. What we are dealing with is unidentified phenomena that often appear to be projecting a sense of being in the skies and above the stratosphere.

    I disagree that evidence from trained professionals is merely speculation. If anyone knows what the difference between a normal plane, weather event, or apparition is, compared to an object that acts in extraordinary ways, it would be a United States Air Force pilot. When it comes to judging the reality of these events, they are highly trained, meticulous, and have a better understanding than most people about aerial events. If a doctor tells me she sees an ulcer forming, I am going to respect her opinion much more than an average person who knows nothing about medicine. The claims of military persons from all over the world are more important than other people’s experiences because they know the difference between a cloud formation and a supersonic craft that can evade radar and pulsate with energy.

    As you point out, the “Air Force’s UFO projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book in the 1940s – 1960s” were all in existence before the modern version we were informed about last month. The one commonality between all of these projects is that they discovered the existence of objects that cannot be explained by standard physics and chemistry. From 1947 to 1969, a total of 12, 618 sightings were reported to Project Blue Book. Of these 701 remain “Unidentified.” (National Archives)

    I actually view Project Blue Book as confirmation that something extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional has been going on for some time. Not to mention, how much evidence has been sealed away, tampered with, or even destroyed out of fear that it will be misunderstood or abused?

    Regarding your angels and ghosts. Are they not straw men? We are not discussing angels and ghosts. Separate phenomena all together. What we are talking about are object/events that behave in other- worldly ways. We are talking about trained observers who help make our assessments about this more accurate. We are talking about thousands of sightings from all over the world. And we are now talking about the announcement of a new American government run program which continues to spend millions to study it. This is not about angels and ghosts. This is about a real event that serious people are thinking about.

  4. Michael Nighan

    With all due respect, you’re being far too dismissive of those who sincerely and whole-heartedly believe in the existence of angels and/or ghosts. And no, I’m not one of them. That the personal observations and other “evidence” which they accept as proof of their views does not comport with what you or I would consider to be evidence in no way justifies denigrating those beliefs. To such believers (who also consider themselves to be “serious people”), their personal observations are every bit a “real event” as the personal observations of alien visitations are to others. Indeed, I suggest that there are millions of Americans who feel that someone has to be nuts to believe in the possibility of “little green men” or life (intelligent or otherwise) on other planets. So no, comparing the one to the other is in no way a straw man argument.
    Likewise, the fact that the federal government, specifically the military, has spent decades and millions of dollars investigating “UFOs” rather than the possible existence of angels/ghosts merely demonstrates that they consider the former to be a potential national security issue. Similar to the national security issues which resulted in them spending millions investigating such paranormal phenomena as ESP and distant viewing.
    Back on the subject of profession observers, I still must decline to put much credence in their observations. Biases, conscience and subconscious, make it impossible for any observer, regardless of their training, to be wholly objective. While I would agree that an Air Force pilot might be able to tell you what a “UFO” is not (it’s not a weather balloon, or that it’s not maneuvering in a manner consistent with the laws of aerodynamics, AS WE UNDERSTAND THEM), all that is predicated on the accuracy with which the observer recollects and interprets the phenomena which they claim to have observed. After all, it’s well know from innumerable psychological studies that being exposed to sudden and unexpected events can cause the recollection of that event to be inaccurate. To say nothing of how the recounting of an event observed at night tends to skew the recollection. Or how the memory plays tricks over time. To play devil’s advocate, what would be the difference between a professional observer claiming that he/she had seen an event that could not be of terrestrial origin, and that same professional observer claiming that they’d seen an angel or a ghost?
    As to your comment that, “If a doctor tells me she sees an ulcer forming, I am going to respect her opinion much more than an average person who knows nothing about medicine”, I’d make two (you’ll excuse the expression) observations. First, the doctor already knows what an ulcer looks like. So she should already know what she’s looking at. But I’d also point out that misdiagnosis by doctors is not unheard of. Secondly, I submit that the opinion of a layman on a medical matter has many aspects in common with a professional observer seeing something in the sky which they know nothing about.
    So to me, the problem is that unless and until a visitor from another planet, another dimension or another time lands his/her/its craft in broad daylight in some busy location (such as Washington, as in the 1951 sci fi classic, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”), or the wreckage of a craft clearly of extraterrestrial/extradimensional/extratemporal origin is uncovered, it seems that this debate will remain simply an intellectual exercise.

  5. George Payne

    Michael, by no means was it my intent to dismiss people who believe they have witnessed a ghost or an angel. I was simply dismissing their relevance to the point at hand. The differences between physical craft/projections of images that appear to be physical, in addition to a plethora of physical data left over by their presence (e.g. nodes of stalks being bent at improbable angles, high radiation levels in specific spots, inexplicable marks on bodies, memories retrieved through hypnotic regression techniques, and LOTS of footage on camera) make the comparison between the two types of phenomena quite useless. Angels, if they exist, are spiritual entities. The beings we are discussing may have a spiritual component, but they manifest themselves in ways that our scientific tools can detect and record. Upon request I am more than happy to send you numerous examples.

    Again, I am not suggesting that believers in angels are employing bad techniques or citing poor evidence. I am merely arguing that the amount of empirical evidence that exists in the field of Ufology is vastly more compelling. I was not saying that believers in ghosts and angels are not serious. I was only pointing out that serious people are interested in the very real possibility that we are being contacted by an intelligent species that is non-human, or should we say non-Earthly.

    Regarding your point about ESP and Remote Viewing, these are capacities that the government (CIA mainly) not only researched but developed and used. MK ULTRA and Project Stargate were both classified programs that are now known to the world. I wonder if our clandestine intelligence gathering organizations have used alien technology and abilities as well. There have been impressive testimonies from employees at Lockheed Martin, Naval Intelligence, the U.S. Air Force, and others to suggest that this is so.

    To your point about faulty memory, mistaken identity, and post traumatic stress. This is actually one way that the projects you mentioned in your previous post weeded out unlikely UFO encounters. The 701 cases that remain unexplained by Blue Book are baffling because it appears that the pilots have no reason for seeing what they did. I don’t think it is prudent to dismiss thousands of global reports and sightings because some have compromised memories, impaired vision, or ulterior motives. The sheer number of sightings leads us to confess that we are being contacted far more often than we want to admit or that every single person who has ever claimed to see a UFO is wrong.

    “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was a great science fiction film. But to reiterate, what we are dealing with is a real phenomenon. I would be very surprised and doubtful if these entities chose to present themselves in such a dramatic, even chaotic manner. I hope their intent is not to cause massive panic and turmoil. The “Phoenix Lights” event in 1997 seems to be exactly how they would present themselves. Thousands of stunned witnesses across multiple states and the Mexican-American border, but no reason to go bonkers. Even the governor of the state admitted these craft and their lights were not of this world. Gov. Fife Symington said, “I’m a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies. It was bigger than anything that I’ve ever seen. It remains a great mystery. Other people saw it, responsible people. I don’t know why people would ridicule it”. Symington had earlier said, “It was enormous and inexplicable. Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too. It was dramatic. And it couldn’t have been flares because it was too symmetrical. It had a geometric outline, a constant shape.”

  6. George Payne

    Perhaps the reason they do not land their craft in Times Square, is closely related to the reason we do not park one of our nuclear submarines in a protected coral reef. We do not want to damage precious and rare lifeforms.

  7. Michael Nighan

    George – Looks like we’re at loggerheads on all this. For example, you’re comfortable making statement such as, “Even the governor of the state admitted these craft and their lights were not of this world.” I consider that no one on this planet is qualified or knowledgeable enough to make such a claim without irrefutable hardware proof to back them up.

    I do find it interesting that you still conclude that those who believe in angels or ghosts can not be just as “serious” in their beliefs as those who believe in alien visitations. Or that the “evidence” of your observers is better than the “evidence” of THEIR observers. Whether you admit it or not, that’s unacceptably dismissive and denigrating. Until further notice, I’m not willing to accept anyone’s opinion as to what they saw, be it an alien space craft or the Archangel Gabriel, without definitive proof. Let me know when some authoritative agency states that they have such proof that has no other possible explanation than alien visitation, and makes that proof available to the world.

    Lastly, you’ve wandered back into the mine field of anthropomorphism in applying human logic and characteristics to potential alien races. I’m not willing to go there.

    By the way, comparing parking a nuke sub in a coral reef to landing a space craft in a population center is only valid if the aliens were to land on top of a building containing humans, or on top of a zoo containing other animal forms. Otherwise, landing in a filed, as in The Day the Earth Stood Still is only comparable if those aliens believe that grass is a major life form on this planet.

  8. George Payne

    I should have better articulated my analogy. The damage would be caused by the hysteria that a landing craft would stir in the masses. I was not suggesting that the actual landing itself would be destructive. My guess is that they would be more than equipped to park it without hurting anyone-whether on a field or in downtown NYC. But as you state, I am entrapped in the anthropomorphic quagmire.

    I do need to challenge your standard of scientific proof as being far too demanding. You write: “Let me know when some authoritative agency states that they have such proof that has no other possible explanation than alien visitation, and makes that proof available to the world.”

    Adhering to the wisdom of Karl Popper, there is not a single theory in all of science that is so definitive that it rules out all other possible explanations. Popper’s system of falsification would posit that the only absolute proof we can ascertain is what is not true about a proposition. The act of disproving a proposition, hypothesis, or theory is what moves us along our intellectual journey.

    That said, even if an authoritative body were to come out and say they have definitive proof-which I believe just happened a few weeks ago- there would be countless scientists and skeptics who are ready to point out another possibility for what is going on. That is why we do not have consensus about global warming, the big bang, evolution, black holes, or even psychological theories such as the reality of the superego. All we can do is keep applying the scientific method with an open mind. I think one reason these beings have not allowed themselves to be apprehended, interrogated, and presented to the world in the manner you allude to is because they realize the massive difficulty communication, co-operation, and mutual awareness with humans truly is,

    I do find it curious that you are willing to champion the authoritative voices of non-technical experts earlier on, but now when hardcore evidence is required, only experts have the license to explain it to others. Are there authorities when it comes to studying UFOs, angels, and ghosts? Or are there no authorities whatsoever? You seem to be arguing for both.

    On a positive end note, I am enjoying the back and forth. It is wonderful to live in a free and open society where citizens can openly question and challenge each other without fear of retribution, censorship and mockery.

  9. Michael Nighan


    You ask a valid question. Can there be authoritative experts in the study of “UFOs” or angels/ghosts? I think we’d have to accept that someone who can display a wide and deep knowledge of the arguments, the background, and the state of current research is entitled to claim to be an “expert”. As to “authoritative”, off the top of my head I’d have to say no in that, at least in my mind, none of these areas can present a single fact, without which I don’t believe it’s possible to be “authoritative”. That being the case, I’m not aware that I have previously championed the authoritative voices of non-technical experts in this discussion. And my reference to an “authoritative agency” means not simply something more formal than just an ad hoc group of like-minded individuals, but also an agency with access to facts which prove the existence of extraterrestrial visitations, facts which to me at least are not yet in evidence.

    So far, what I’ve done is to state as an argumentative rubric that, 1) I see little, if any, difference between those who claim the existence of extraterrestrials visiting earth, and those who make the same claim for the existence of angels and ghosts, and 2) that in both cases I give short shrift to the statements made by observers, professional (however we define that) or otherwise, and 3) that iron-clad, irrefutable proof of the existence of extraterrestrials can be the only acceptable standard.

    In reference to your comments on that last point, here’s my view. If we want to present and discuss extraterrestrial visitations as a theory, in the same way that, global warming, the big bang or evolution (I believe that black holes have (ahem) evolved from theory to hard core fact. And as to the reality of the superego, I’ll leave that for another classic 1951 sci fi movie, Forbidden Planet, and the Krell’s “monsters from the Id”), then I’d agree that the treatment of the subject as just another theory is correct.

    On the other hand, the announcement that extraterrestrials (assumedly intelligent ones) exist and have and are visiting us would be the most momentous piece of news in the history of this planet. That being the case it MUST require iron-clad, 24k, irrefutable proof before being made public. Naturally the ETs could provide this proof themselves merely by making an appearance. But if proof must be obtained independently by humanity, then we must be excruciatingly careful to ensure the irrefutability of that proof. Popper notwithstanding, if we can’t meet that standard, then we don’t make the announcement.

    As to you statement that, “I think one reason these beings have not allowed themselves to be apprehended, interrogated, and presented to the world in the manner you allude to is because they realize the massive difficulty communication, co-operation, and mutual awareness with humans truly is”, at the risk of being equally anthropomorphic, I find it difficult to accept that any ETs, or groups of ETs harboring such concerns, would nevertheless see no problem in making hundreds/thousands of visitations over many centuries, allowing themselves and their space craft to be spotted, photographed, tracked on radar, all the while leaving behind the detritus of their visits.

  10. George Payne

    Than you, Michael. You make several interesting points. It is high time that I be transparent. I do not want there to be ET craft interfering in our skies. I certainly do not want there to be interactions between ET entities and humans. The entire situation unnerves me. I have almost no faith in our ability to have a constructive relationship with them-whoever they may be. We can’t even get along with our neighbors. Generally speaking, relations between people of different races, ethnic groups, genders, ages, and classes is not very good. Division and conflict defines our species. Why would relations with entities from an entirely different cosmology lead to understanding and harmony? If these entities interact with us in the way you suggest, there will be frenzy, violence, and momentous calamity on every conceivable level. I have no illusions that these beings can help us or harm us. We will harm ourselves with the most extreme outbursts of racism, species-ism, and humanism.

    To be honest, I actually gave the subject up for two years. After researching and studying it, then teaching it in my philosophy classes and public seminars, I came to a dead end. I realized that almost everyone in the world could either care less or care too much. On one hand, there are the extremists who make claims so bizarre and unfounded that they make utter imbeciles of themselves. On the other hand, there are those who will never believe it is happening until there is absolute certainty. I came to realize that if they do make themselves known in a political or religious way, there will be chaos and warfare on a scale that this world has never experienced. Who is going to stop North Korea from firing nukes at their vessels? Who is going to stop Christians from announcing the apocalypse and acting like it?

    The only reason I started writing about this phenomenon again, is because something felt different about this new Pentagon story. It just seemed like the government is trying to tell us something. I don’t know what it is. I am somewhat afraid to know what it is. I am not afraid of what is happening out there. I am more afraid of our inability as humans to confront it. If the Drake Equation proves to be true and there are non-human intelligent lifeforms from non-earth environments, that reality has been the case for millions if not billions of years. Like all discoveries, we would just be finding out about something that has existed for a very long time.

    I want to add one more element worth considering. Why must these objects be inhabited? We have drones and other probes. If we can invent this technology, surely other intelligent beings could do the same. What is manifested in the skies may not be driven in the ordinary sense of the word. They could be on their own predestined flight path-just as our most sophisticated Voyager probes have been. Voyager is no longer driven by humans but it still sends back images and data, Could the reason that these craft have been oddly conspicuous be related to their lack of piloting? They could be programmed to behave in certain ways when encountered by foreign objects. Would this explain why we do not have the sensational landing and presentation event? Of course abduction stories throws a monkey wrench into this scenario.

  11. Michael Nighan


    Years ago when I was spending time discussing the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life with some friends, we branched off into the area of “alien psychology”, meaning the psychology under which alien races might operate. As I recall, we kicked around Carl Sagan’s theory that, as a race became more technologically advanced it would reach a point where it would conclude that warfare and other such negative social pursuits serve no useful purpose. We also discussed whether the desire for space exploration and the search for intelligence life became greater or lessened as the level of technology increased. Naturally we came down on all sides of the question and accused one another (and ourselves) of blatant anthropomorphism.

    I bring this up to address two of your points. First, if someone is out there scouting for life then it’s irrelevant whether we want them to find us or not. They will do so IF they get into our neck of the galactic/intergalactic woods. Whether they give a damn what impact their visitation will have on our planet and way of life is an unanswerable question.

    This leads to the second point, your comment about the use of drones. I happened to believe that, if ETs are stopping by, that is the mechanism they’d use. However, whether the space craft are “manned” or unmanned doesn’t make any difference. Nothing prevents the ETs from landing an unmanned drone in DC any more then they are prevented from landing a manned craft.

    But in the end we always come back to intent. I don’t see it as particularly anthropomorphic to ascribe to an alien race the concept of logic, and more importantly, logical consistency. Thus, if ETs have a moral or intellectual aversion to interfering with the life on other planets, then repeated visitations, manned or unmanned, over many centuries, are an illogical approach. On the other hand, if they don’t care if they scare the hell out of the inhabitants, then we would probably wind up with the situation we seem to have now, the possibility of visitations without definitive proof that we’re not just seeing things.

  12. George Payne

    Now that we are allowing ourselves the freedom to wonder, what do you think about the hypothesis that these vehicles are time machines? Perhaps time does not operate as we have assumed. Could it be that movement in time will also establish that reality is not linear, in either space or time modalities?