Helping to find Trevyan Rowe at the Twelve Corners Memorial Park

Rowe 2

Amanda from Brighton handing out fliers at the Twelve Corners Plaza. Amanda’s father was also at the Plaza but he said he is camera shy. 1:47 pm, 3/11/18

Rowe 3

Twelve Corners Memorial Park. 3/11/18

For several days now, Rochester has been trying to find Trevyan Rowe, the autistic child who disappeared.  Volunteers from Autism Up, other organizations and concerned citizens have been spreading the word.

Today at the Twelve Corners Memorial Park, about ten people — including many Brightonians — handed out fliers while walking around the park, the plaza and up and down Monroe, Elmwood and Winton.  When asked why they were, the answer was simple.  It didn’t matter whether they knew Trevyan or his family.  For these people, the pain of losing a child is almost unimaginable.  They wanted to do all they could.

Rowe 1

This volunteer from Brighton handing out flyers didn’t want her name used. She wanted the attention to be on Trevyan Rowe. Twelve Corners Memorial Park 3/11/18

12 corners

Thousands of flyers have been distributed in stores and attached to telephone posts.


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