RUNDELANIA publishes “A Phone Call to Manhattan”

Rundel Library [Photo: David Kramer]

Rundel Library [Photo: David Kramer]

For several years now, Andrew Coyle, Literature Librarian at the Central Branch of the Rochester Public Library, NY has managed RUNDELANIA the digital literary journal of the Arts and Literature Division at the RPL:

The journal is dedicated to the publication of original poetry and prose by the patrons of the library.  Works are submitted voluntarily without remuneration.  Works included in the journal are not to be used for commercial gain by third parties; copyright remains with the author.

We are taking submissions of original, previously unpublished poetry, short stories, and essays from Rochester Public Library patrons.  Please keep submissions to 4,000 words or less and attach material as a Word document.  Thank you.

Taking submissions for issue No. 6:  November 2019

deadline: October 21st

Send submissions in Word format to Andrew Coyle:
Subject line:  submission

The first print edition of selections from past issues will be out June, 2019.  Copies will be available for purchase in the library bookstore.

In the May issue, Andrew kindly published “A Phone Call to Manhattan.”


David Kramer is a published author, poet and journalist.  He is a professor of English at Keuka College and runs the online magazine, Talker of the Town.


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