Trump’s New Colossus


Donald Trump’s Grand Entrance by Jim Warren (2015) From A Trumprenuer on the road at Trumpmania

Trump’s New Colossus

Like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With a conquering stomach plumped on lands;
Here at our nation’s banquet table, sunrise shall

Stand as an orange toupee. A meager man with a match,
Whose flicker of light Is the pardoned silence, and his
Name Father of Natives. From his palm beach hand
mutters golf course welcome; his empty eyes begging

“Forget, all lands, your original purpose,” says he
With noisy thoughts. “I will take only your loyal, your well off,
Your self-interested satisfied to already be free,
The comfortable haves of your well-stocked hatcheries
Send these, the real estate barons, silver-spooned and served to me,
I brand my name’s lamp in front of a golden door!

George Cassidy Payne

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