Welcome to Talker of the Town! My name is David Kramer. I have a Ph.D in English and teach at Keuka College. I am a former and still active Fellow at the Nazareth College Center for Public History. Over the years, I have taught at Monroe Community College, the Rochester Institute of Technology and St. John Fisher College.  I have published numerous Guest Essays, Letters, Book Reviews and Opinion pieces in the New York Times, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, the Buffalo News, the Providence Journal, the Messenger Post Newspapers, the Wedge, the Open Closet, and the City.  My poetry appears in The Criterion: An International Journal in English and my academic writing in War, Literature and the Arts.
Since February 2013, I have written for three Democratic and Chronicle  blogs, “Make City Schools Better,” “Unite Rochester,” and the “Editorial Board.”  As my tenure at the D & C  has ended, I want to continue the conversations first begun there. And start new ones.  So we created this new space, Talker of the Town, where all are invite all to join.
I don’t like to say these posts are “mine.” Very few of them are the sole product of my sometimes overheated imagination. Instead, I call them partnerships and collaborations. Or as they say in education, “peer group work.”
Talker of the Town  might better be Talkers of the Town. The blog won’t thrive without your leads, text, pictures, ideas, facebook shares, tweets, comments and criticisms.
The first new post is fittingly titled To readers and contributors, much thanks.
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