Getting To Know Luke LaPorta A Photograpaher In His Prime

Getting To Know Luke LaPorta A Photograpaher In His Prime

June 4th, 2017

You first met Che in Rochester works for actor Che Holloway, an impromptu interview and amble through the Neighborhood of the Arts.

An aspiring and successful actor, Che is deeply immersed in the Rochester cultural scene. So much so, we’ve named him Che of The Town!

Exclusively for Talker, Che has solicited and is conducting interviews from about 80 Rochestarians working in a diversity of creative fields.

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Photos courtesy of Luke LaPorta

Tell us a little about yourself, where your from, grew up, what H.S./College you attended etc. 

Hello, my name is Luke and I grew up in Webster NY, where life is worth living haha I attended R.L. Thomas and Schroeder High School. I went to college at MCC for addictions counseling. I actually have never taken a class on Photography except the one in High School where we got to make old little pin hole cameras and develop film from that, I definitely enjoyed it though.

What inspired you to be a photographer? Early experiences worth sharing?

I remember growing up with my Mom always having the camera out and taking pictures with her Pentax, my brother also went to school for photography at the CIA. I don’t know if they we’re an inspiration, but I remember how it all started really. I went through a very rough 10 years of life basically and it was either time to change or continue down a bad path in my life. When I started to make changes my eyes started to open up and see the world and all its beauty. When I was out there running around all the time I never took the time to appreciate everything that was in front of me. I would go out for long walks in the parks, beaches, gardens, all over with my dogs and snap little photos along the way with my cell phone. It was calming for me, like a little meditation to stop and appreciate that moment, it gave me peace. People started to notice and appreciate my photos which inspired me to buy a DSLR instead of using my cell phone to take pictures (huge learning curve for me) haha. It was like God gave me photography as a gift to help me in life with another purpose to help me find some peace, I never expected it to grow into what it is today.

4fTalk about a time where you have faced adversity/conflict and have triumphed.

Adversity/Conflict…I feel like I have been dealing with that my whole life haha. I would say this though, I created most of my conflicts in life myself.

I was constantly fighting everyone and everything like the world owed me something. I broke my back when i was 12, I had my thumb crushed off (they sewed it back on nicely) I’ve had bells palsy twice, broken multiple bones in my body, along with many other emotional conflicts going on in my life. I felt like the world was always holding me back, i had a resentment and anger towards it. I realized I had to get off this pity pot and start making changes in my life. All those adversities and conflicts made me who I am today, yea they were painful and sucked but that’s what brought me to where I am at right now in life and I wouldn’t change it.

What do you believe sets you apart from other photographers?1m

I don’t like to think that I’m set apart from other photographers, I think we’re all learning from each other. If I separate myself like I did when I was young from the pack I would be too stubborn to learn again. I will say this though, I love mixing nature and portraits. I will take you to spots that you never knew were in Rochester, I’m constantly looking for new places to photograph.

Do you have other interests or hobbies?

My other interests are playing with my dogs as much as possible, hanging out with my amazing friends and family, going to the gym when I have the time, eating good food and basically enjoying life as much as possible!

3nycAny projects you have out or currently working on?

I don’t really have any projects in the works, i basically take my camera with me wherever I go and shoot as much as possible. I do have 15 weddings for this season and am already booking for 2018! In between the weddings I shoot a lot of family and senior portraits along with parties, special occasions, models, pets, everything really! I love it all.

2DWhere would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I would like to see myself to have learned so much more in photography, to continue to try new things, expanding my clients and still loving this passion that I found.

What advice can you give to aspiring photographers?

I tell people all the time who ask for advice, to shoot everyday. Use your camera, whether it’s your cell phone or point and shoot. I do this because I love to take pictures, don’t do it for the money or recognition, do it because you love it. Learn as much as you possibly can before you take on jobs if that’s something you want to do. I photographed for 4 years before I felt 24dcomfortable enough to photograph people and weddings. It’s very special to be asked to capture someone’s moments in life, you don’t want to mess that up. Take your time, use the best lens that God gave you, your eyes!

How can we follow along in your journey? Social media?

14876598_10210568587841589_2778943057038821761_oYou can follow me on Facebook either my personal page which I post a lot on or my Luke LaPorta Photography page on Facebook as well. I also have an Instagram account, Lukelaportaphotography which i post daily! Thanks for reading and maybe one day I’ll take your picture!

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