Talker staff demands royalties! Buy orbs at Sotheby’s in Brighton: the Meadowbrook Garage Sale. And meet the staff

Talker staff demands royalties! Buy orbs at Sotheby’s in Brighton: the Meadowbrook Garage Sale. And meet the staff

Just a small sampling of the Orbs in the garage awaiting their locust like annual return to the Get Some Balls stand at the Meadowbrook neighborhood garage sales this weekend.  155 Avalon Drive

About five years ago, I began collecting orbs.

As an umpire, I see that players routinely leave balls and equipment at their fields, often still there the next morning. At Cobb’s Hill, I found many a ball in the dugouts, bushes or on the other side of the fence by 490.  Going further, I decided to accumulate as many found orbs as possible. The only rule was all orbs had to be found not purchased. Softballs, baseballs, basketballs, footballs, rugby balls, soccer balls, cricket balls, tennis balls, golf balls, Frisbees, racquet balls, handballs, croquet balls, badminton shuttle cocks, lacrosse and fields hockey balls, volleyballs, wiffle balls. Even a bowling ball.  One time after the season had ended, our friend Dean and I found 45 softballs in 25 minutes in the wooded area behind the softball fences at Kent Park in Webster.

Fortunately, I curbed my enthusiasm and now primarily collect tennis balls. On my morning walk past Cobb’s Hill scattered about the tennis courts are always tennis balls. I mean always. This year there was barely a day — even in the cold months — that I did not find at least one.  Good days can yield a dozen. I now have hundreds.  Many mornings my friend Chauhao Luong  — you met in Diehards and the Cobb’s Hill Tennis Courts — is there playing tennis. From Vietnam, Chauhao says in his home country I would not find any balls. In Vietnam tennis balls are always reinflated when they become mushy or they are stripped down and used to repair shoes or even tires.

Every June I offer the orbs to the general populace at the annual Meadowbrook Neighborhood weekend garage sale (see below) — at my Get Some Balls stand: 155 Avalon Drive. The Meadowbrook sale rivals the one at Browncroft — which apparently is now only every other year — and makes the Home Acres “sale” look like a two bit flea market.


Athesia from Our own Athesia makes D & C print endorsement! (with our picture)

This year the embarrassment of orbal riches has proved propitious. Recently, the Talker staff — oops I mean occasional contributors — is demanding royalties. Pampered primadonnas, the staff — oops I mean occasional contributors — claims its wages of sin are too low. Ingrates, remember who pays to keep the magazine online.


George from “A World Heritage Site in our Backyard: preserving and profiting from the history, culture, and ecology of the Lower Falls Gorge”

While a general purge was considered, we have decided to accede to their demands as their work is ubiquitously top notch. Hence, this weekend (see below) we will be holding a magazine fundraiser.

Eagerly, the staff  — oops I mean occasional contributors — have signed up for meet-and-greets and to man and woman the stand at 155 Avalon Drive: the boys; Dean, Bruce, Michael, George and the girls; Kitty, Julie, Shadi, Athesia, Jordan.


Kitty from “’Looking at the Genesee River’” by Kitty Jospé”

Every year Dean sells some of his own stuff. One year Dean was even gently persuaded to bring his cute young daughters to frolic on the front lawn as a marketing ploy. Sales boomed. Later in the week, Dean will be providing pictures of his highly coveted merchandise. And he is working feverishly to set up live video streaming of the Saturday sale.

Drop by the ATM and come to the Meadowbrook Garage Sale. And meet the Talker staff at 155 Avalon Drive.

Meadowbrook ...a great neighborhood

The annual Meadowbrook Garage Sale is very well attended by eager shoppers. Selling? Clear out some stuff and raise a little cash. Buying? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Either way, you’ll have some fun and meet some newgarage_sale 2 neighbors!This year’s Garage Sale is slated for Saturday and Sunday, May 21th and 22th, 2016. The sale will run from 9 AM to 3 PM, rain or shine. The Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association will place ads in local newspapers and post signs at major intersections. If you are interested in participating, there’s no need to sign up. Simply put your treasures out on the lawn, driveway, or in your garage. Residents are expected to make their own arrangements for unsold items and to clean up their property at the conclusion of the sale. Questions? Contact Meadowbrook Director Adele Buettner, who is coordinating this year’s event for us.


Just across the street from the Get Some Balls stand (155 Avalon Drive) from “A Trip through Meadowbrook” a Kodak Employees Realty Corporation brochure @1960. Fortunately, Meadowbrook has long since rejected the odious clause #4: Restricted owner list, desirable neighbors


Howard the Duck is not for the birds! Buy complete set (1977) at the massive Meadowbrook Garage Sale in Brighton. Live streaming!

Iconic America at the Brighton Little League Parade

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