RIT’s John Roche offers “Orange Golem” and “Trumped.” And the Donald’s parting shots.

RIT’s John Roche offers “Orange Golem” and “Trumped.” And the Donald’s parting shots.

Donald Trump Boxing and Talking Pen sold at 7-Eleven. The pen is inside a Red Republican coffee cup also sold at 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven also offers a Hillary Clinton Boxing and Talking Pen and a Blue Democratic coffee cup. Hear Trump’s words at the end. (see Rochester 7-Eleven coffee drinkers narrowly favor Clinton 101 – 97; most are independent)


Photo provided by John

John Roche is an Associate Professor of English at Rochester Institute of Technology, a past President of the Just Poets organization, a former member of the board of BOA Editions, and the chief organizer of the 2010 Black Mountain North Symposium in Rochester, NY. He earned his PhD from SUNY Buffalo, studying with Robert Creeley and John C. Clarke.


John reports back from New Mexico: “Second oldest bar in NM, Silva’s Saloon in Bernalillo. I hosted a group poetry reading there last March to honor 81 year old poet Larry Goodell, a neighbor of Robert Creeley’s in Placitas in the 1960s.”

Three full-length poetry collections, The Joe Poems (2012), Topicalities (2008) and On Conesus (2005), are available from Foothills Publishing (Kanona, NY). His 2011 poetic memoir, Road Ghosts, published by theenk Books (Palmyra, NY), is available from Small Press Distribution. He edited Mo’ Joe: The Anthology for Beatlick Press (Albuquerque) in 2014. John Roche’s poems have appeared in magazines like Malpais Review, House Organ, Cedilla, Yellow Medicine Review, Flurb, Rootdrinker, Big Bridge, Jack Magazine, Interim, Intent, Woodstock Journal, Burning World, Napalm Health Spa, Redactions, and in several anthologies, including Vigil for the Marcellus Shale (2013), Liberty’s Vigil: The Occupy Anthology (FootHills 2012) and Hip Poetry 2012 (Wind Publications). He also edited the collection Uncensored Songs for Sam Abrams (Spuyten Duyvil, 2008), co-edited Doing Time to Cleanse My Mind (FootHills, 2009) with Patricia Roth Schwartz, and edited Martha Rittenhouse Treichler’s Black Mountain to Crooked Lake: Poems 1948-2010, with a Memoir of Black Mountain College (FootHills 2010).

John now spends a lot of his time in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he assists his wife Jules Nyquist with Jules’ Poetry Playhouse.

In A Trumprenuer on the road at Trumpmania, we saw an overflowing display of visual artifacts made in response to the phenomenon of Trump. Today, John adds to the poetic discourse, offering “Orange Golem” and “Trumped.”

In the interest of fairness, following the poems are the Boxing and Talking Pen’s words.




“Whatever” by Sarah Levy, painted with her menstrual blood. from A Trumprenuer on the road at Trumpmania


Trump looms
Trump lurks
Trump snorts

Trump humps the chair
Trump grasps the electric sceptre
Trump pants and groans
Trump sweats orange bleeds orange melts orange

No mad Sweeney
No mad Lear
No mad Queeg

How can a brand be mad?
How can a brand be tragic?
How can a brand be a man?

Trump steaks
Trump Airlines
Trump hotels
Trump casinos
“Success by Trump” cologne
Trump neckwear
Trump cuff links
Trump chandeliers
Trump cocktail tables
Trump barstools
Trump vodka
Trump Natural Spring Water
Trump Ice– yes, he really tried to market ice!
Trump the Game
Trump University
Tour de Trump

A nation of salesmen meets the age of simulacra
The ultimate Babbitt
The true fruition of everything Melville, Twain, Whitman, Veblen, Lewis, Vidal warned us against

The Donald ‘R’ US
In Hype We Trust

All of us coated with a great orange oil slick
All of us covered in the gurry of it
as Olson would say
All of us covered in great orange whale shit

Is it possible to write poetry after Trump?

On the eve of the election, from his Boxing and Talking Pen, Donald Trump’s parting shots.


A Trumprenuer on the road at Trumpmania

Rochester 7-Eleven coffee drinkers narrowly favor Clinton 101 – 97; most are independent

A Fake Election at the Visual Studies Workshop


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