Che of The Town: Interviews (1-107)

Che of The Town: Interviews (1-107)

Photo: Michele Ashlee. See Michele gives us the story of Joe

You first met Che in Rochester works for actor Che Holloway, an impromptu interview and amble through the Neighborhood of the Arts. An aspiring and successful actor, Che is deeply immersed in the Rochester cultural scene. So much so, we’ve named him Che of The Town!

Exclusively for Talker, Che has solicited and is conducting interviews from about 100 Rochestarians working in a diversity of creative fields.

UPDATE: SEE After 107 interviews, Che of The Town interviews himself from the Big Apple

So far, Che of The Town interviewed professional basketball player, visual artist and occasional actor and model Britton Bradford, cinematographer and Executive Producer, Creative Director and Head Writer at C47 Film Associates Josh Pies,  artist Tom Tubiolo, photographer Matthew McArdle, musician Alyssa Trahan, hip hop artist, Yanna Forrest, lyricist James Kegler, radio personality Scott “Fitz” Fitzgerald, lyricist Tramayne Watson, the band Humble Braggers , production sound mixer Michael McFadden , actor Christian B. Leadley, filmmaker Tim O’Connor , rapper Kayoz Fortun, musician Cammi Conte, social activist photographer Michele Ashlee, photographer Johnny Mattice, artist and filmmaker Rashid Jarell, actor Adam Petzold, comedian Yolanda Smilez , musician/entrepreneur Ajani Jeffries, actor Stephen Cena, actor/combat instructor Justin Krall, creators of The Rochestariat, Stefanie and Jason Schwingle, comedian Joél James, photographer Adam Antalek, radio personality Chris Konya, the band KOPPS, Joey Arena of the band OVTLIER, author Banke Awopetu-McCullough, journalist Hélène Biandudi Hofer, actor Tom Malloy, actor Marguerite Frarey, boxer Willie Monroe Jr  actor Willis Ajamu Brooks, journalist Jennifer Johnson, public relations specialist Jessica Lewis  journalist Nikki Rudd, comedian Vinnie Paulino, photographer Nue Chanthavongsay, School of the Arts’ faculty members Lorrie Dewey, Michelle Accorso Sapere, Ed Myers and Luke Fellows , entertainer Taye Diggs, Golisano Foundation Grants Coordinator Evalyn Gleason, comedian Santos Cruz , The Temptators, musician Adrian DiMatteo, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, journalist Alexis Arnold, journalist Norma Holland, actress Andria Langston, comedian Trent McFadden, SOTA’s Arts Center director Adele Fico, journalist Ginny Ryan, author Biz LaChanceboxer Saadiq Muhammad , actress/producer Aleigha Spinks, photographer Christopher Cardwell, disc jockey and activist DJ Alykhan, meteorologist Scott Hetsko, film commissioner Nora Brown, artist Sage Cruz Field, fashion designer Meghan McNamara Mundy, entertainer Manny Greene and music producer Kaisean Roseboro, musician Angel Hagan, dancer Rayla Meshawn, actor Darren Barrington, femcee Oowee! Bananaz, veteran Tom Turner, artist Nate Taylor, Danny Wegman, actor/comedian Quinton Hurst, musician Brazy Vazquez, actor Danny Kincaid Kunz, musician NY NIK, writer/actress Champagne, composer vocalist Trevor Bachman, journalist and producer Sajad Hoffman-Hussain, artist Taurus Savant, photographer Luke LaPorta , photographer Jordan Aponte and writer Mike Gerbino , musician Dan Montgomery , filmmaker DeCarlis Prestige Madison, filmmaker James Abrams , poet Chi TheRealist , photographer Krit Upra , fashion designer Kady Hayle , Editor in Chief Juanita Washington, journalist Maureen McGuire, storyteller Didrik Soderstrom , writer Angel White, gamer Christopher Williams, actor Rick Staropoli , DJ 2WAY, filmmaker Ken Rhodes, filmmaker Tom Sipples, radio personality Mark Maira , filmmaker and writer Rhonda Parker, culinary artist Cory Wolin musician Ronald RawleyBrack, journalist Matt Molloy, hip hop violinist Svet Radoslavof and filmmaker Sandy Arena, author Javannah Jasmee Davis and actor and comedian Eddie English.

Keep coming back to this page as the journey continues.

Brighton girl taking feminist humor big time

Getting To Know Javannah Jasmeen Davis; A Talented Author With A Unique Mindset

Getting To Know Sandy Arena; An Artist Healing Through Passion

Getting To Know Svet Radoslavof, Brighton High School ’05; A Groundbreaking Hip Hop Violinist and Influential Figure In Music

Matt Molloy; an Authentic Journalist in action.

Ronald Rowley-Brack, “The Being” from SOTA and MCC, growing through music

Getting To Know Cory Wolin from SOTA; An Exquisite Culinary Artist On The Rise

Rhonda Parker, writer and filmmaker breaking new ground in western New York

Getting To Know Mark Maira; An Established Radio Personality

Introducing Tom Sipples from SOTA; A Creative Visionary On The Move

Getting To Know Ken Rhodes; A Dedicated And Talented Artist Within The Community

Getting To Know DJ 2WAY Of Level 7 Experience; A Band On Top Of Their Game

Getting To Know Rick Staropoli; A Staple In The Local Acting Scene

Christopher Williams of A Gamers Nostalgia

Getting To Know Angel White Of The Freckled Muse

Getting To Know Didrik Soderstrom Of The Hnossa Project

Getting To Know Maureen McGuire; A Significant Fixture In Journalism

Getting To Know Juanita Washington; BreakThru Magazine’s Editor In Chief

Krit Upra; A Magnificent Photographer In His Peak

Chi TheRealist; A Local Poet and Gifted Musician

Introducing James Abrams; A Masterful Visionary In Bloom

Introducing DeCarlis “Prestige” Madison; A Filmmaker To Keep An Eye Out For

Introducing Dan Montgomery; An Extraordinarily Gifted Musician In His Prime

Introducing Mike Gerbino; A Brilliant Lyricist And Gifted Visionary

Getting To Know Jordan Aponte from SOTA; A Photographer With An Eye For Style

Getting To Know Luke LaPorta A Photograpaher In His Prime

Introducing Taurus Savant: A Superbly Talented Artist Within Our Community

Introducing Sajad Hoffman-Hussain; An Insightful Journalist and Dedicated Producer

Introducing Trevor Bachman; An Extraordinarily Gifted Composer And Vocalist

Introducing Champagne; A Local Artist Making Strides

Introducing NY NIK; A Talented Musician And Insightful Radio Personality

Introducing Geva Alumni Danny Kincaid Kunz; A Talented And Dedicated Performer Within Our City

Introducing Brazy Vazquez from SOTA: A Local Enterprising Musician

Introducing Quintin Hurst; An Up and Coming Actor Within Our City

Getting To Know Danny Wegman; Chairman Of The Wegmans Company

Introducing Nate Taylor a.k.a Tha Gift; A Local Artist On The Rise

Introducing Tom Turner; A Valiant Veteran Making A Mark In Media

Introducing Oowee! Bananaz; A Femcee In Her Prime

Introducing Darren Barrington; A Local Actor Making His Way

Rayla Meshawn from SOTA; Story-Telling Through Movement

Getting To Know Angel Hagan; A Recognizable Figure In Our Music Scene

Introducing Kaisean Roseboro; A SOTA Alumni Making Moves In Music

Getting To Know Manny Greene of Raab Entertainment

Introducing Sage Cruz Field; An Innovative Artist and Stylist

Getting To Know Nora Brown; A Film Commissioner Making A Difference In Our Film Community

Scott Hetsko; A Prominent Meterologist Within The Community

Getting To Know DJ Aly Khan; A Passionate and Recognizable Figure In Our City

Christopher “Goodknews” Cardwell; A Celebrity Photographer on Top of his Game

SOTA’s Aleigha Spinks; An Artist Solidifying Her Legacy In The World Of Entertainment

SOTA and MCC’s Saadiq Muhammad; A Rising Artist/Athlete with a Supreme State of Mind

Introducing SOTA and MCC’s Biz LaChance ; A Published Author Making His Way In The World Of Literature

Getting To Know Ginny Ryan; A Prominent News Anchor In Our City

SOTA’s Adele Fico; A Prominent and Recognizable Figure in the Acting Scene

Getting to know Uncle Trent; Our Local King Of Comedy

From Brighton to LA: Andria Langston, a bright actress sharing her light with the world

Norma Holland; A Prominent Journalist Beaming With Positivity

Alexis Arnold; An Extraordinary Journalist Solidifying Her Legacy Within The Community

Getting To Know Mayor Lovely Warren; A Trailblazing Leader Within Our City

From SOTA to the Eastman School to NYC. Adrian DiMatteo; A Gifted Musician Healing Through The Power Of Sound

Introducing The Temptators; A Soulful Energetic Band Making Their Way In The World Of Indie Music

A Talented Comic Making Positive Contributions Within The Community

Getting to know Evalyn Gleason; An Accomplished Philanthropist Working From The Heart

Taye Diggs; A Hometown Legend Keeping Us On Our Toes

Luke Fellows; A Theatre Educator Making A Lasting Impression Within The SOTA Community

Lorie Dewey; A Talented Artist, Loving Educator, Devoted Family Woman and Matriarch within the SOTA Community

Ed Myers; A dedicated Family man, Educator and Artist in the SOTA community.

Introducing Michelle Accorso Sapere; A Dedicated Theatre Educator In The SOTA Community

Nue Chanthavongsay; A Gifted Photographer With An Eye For Capturing Humor.

Vinnie Paulino; A Gifted Stand Up Comic Establishing Himself Within The World Of Entertainment

Nikki Rudd; A Headstrong Journalist and Positive Influence within the Community

Introducing Jessica Lewis; A Dedicated And Hardworking Public Relations Leader Within Our Community

Jennifer Johnson; A Strong, Compassionate and Prominent Figure In The World Of Journalism

Introducing Willis Ajamu Brooks; An Actor Paving His Way Within The Community

Willie “El Mongoose” Monroe Jr.; A Gifted Athlete and Talented Artist Thinking Outside of the Box

Marguerite Frarey; A Gifted Familiar Face in the Acting Scene

Tom Malloy; A Prominent Figure in the Indie Film Scene

Hélène Biandudi Hofer; A Warm Spirited Anchor with a Heart of Gold.

Getting to Know Banke Awopetu-McCullough; A Strong Spirited and Rising Author.

OVTLIER; A Magnetic Powerhouse Band On The Rise.

Introducing KOPPS; A Vivacious Band Quickly Climbing the Ranks.

Chris Konya; A Familiar Voice within our Community.

Adam Antalek; Trailblazing and Solidifying his place within the Community.

Joél James; A Familiar Face in the Comedy Scene.

Stephen Cena; A Gifted Actor Living in his Own Light.

Ajani Jeffries; A Beacon of Light within the Community.

Introducing Yolanda Smilez; Our Queen of Comedy.

Adam Petzold, A Familiar Face in the Local Theatre Scene.

Rashid Jarrell; A Talented and Active Artist within the Community.

Introducing Johnny Mattice; A Photographer calling his own shots.

Michele Ashlee; A Passionate Photographer full of Grace and Vision.

Introducing Grande Wop

Kayoz has his eye on the Fortune.

Tim O’Connor; A Humble and Gifted artist creating from the Heart.

Introducing actor Christian B. Leadley; From Aquinas Institute to making it in the Big Apple

Getting to know Michael McFadden; A Passionate and Hard Working Figure in the World of Film

Humble Braggers; A fresh band making their way in the Indie Scene.

I.Am.Tru.Starr; A Soulful Voice, Marching to the Beat of his own Drum.

Scott “Fitz” Fitzgerald; A Familiar, Friendly Personality in our Community.

Introducing MF SKUM; The eclectic lyricist full of Spirit.

Introducing PG, a fresh and talented Femcee on the Rise

Alyssa Trahan; A Country singer/songwriter making her way in the music industry.

Matthew McArdle; A Photographer inspiring and creating through Body Positivity

Tom Tubiolo; Coloring imagination with horror.

Josh C. Pies; Innovative Cinematographer and Dedicated Family Man from Che

Britton Bradford the Passionate Athlete from Che Holloway


Emerging artists coming of age in Rochester at the Corn Hill Arts Festival

Brighton girl taking feminist humor big time

About The Author

Welcome to Talker of the Town! My name is David Kramer. I have a Ph.D in English and teach at Keuka College. I am a former and still active Fellow at the Nazareth College Center for Public History and a Storyteller in Residence at the SmallMatters Institute. Over the years, I have taught at Monroe Community College, the Rochester Institute of Technology and St. John Fisher College. I have published numerous Guest Essays, Letters, Book Reviews and Opinion pieces in The New York Times, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, the Buffalo News, the Rochester Patriot, the Providence Journal, the Providence Business News, the Brown Alumni Magazine, the New London Day, the Boston Herald, the Messenger Post Newspapers, the Wedge, the Empty Closet, the CITY, Lake Affect Magazine and Brighton Connections. My poetry appears in The Criterion: An International Journal in English and Rundenalia and my academic writing in War, Literature and the Arts and Twentieth Century Literary Criticism. Starting in February 2013, I wrote for three Democratic and Chronicle  blogs, "Make City Schools Better," "Unite Rochester," and the "Editorial Board." When my tenure at the D & C  ended, I wanted to continue conversations first begun there. And start new ones.  So we created this new space, Talker of the Town, where all are invited to join. I don’t like to say these posts are “mine.” Very few of them are the sole product of my sometimes overheated imagination. Instead, I call them partnerships and collaborations. Or as they say in education, “peer group work.” Talker of the Town might better be Talkers of the Town. The blog won’t thrive without your leads, text, pictures, ideas, facebook shares, tweets, comments and criticisms.


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