Getting To Know Javannah Jasmeen Davis; A Talented Author With A Unique Mindset

Getting To Know Javannah Jasmeen Davis; A Talented Author With A Unique Mindset

You first met Che in Rochester works for actor Che Holloway, an impromptu interview and amble through the Neighborhood of the Arts.

An aspiring and successful actor, Che is deeply immersed in the Rochester cultural scene. So much so, we’ve named him Che of The Town!

Exclusively for Talker, Che has solicited and is conducting interviews from about 80 Rochestarians working in a diversity of creative fields.

For the full series, see Che of The Town: Interviews

javannah3 Tell us a little about yourself, where your from, grew up, what H.S./College you attended etc. 

Well, my name is Javannah Jasmeen Davis and I was born and raised here in Rochester, NY. I grew up on the West side of the city and been here since. I attended School without Walls for High School where I found the true meaning of friendship. I have the same friends I had back then. I attended Rochester Business Institute for my Medical Assisting Degree. I then went on to Roberts Wesleyan College for my Bachelors in Nursing. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish due to my financial aid being cut. Still, I kept moving on in healthcare and found a great position with Rochester General Hospital and been there for almost 11 years. 

What inspired you to be an artist/entertainer? Early experiences worth sharing?

 Well, i’ve always loved books, and loved to read. My mother used to read the bible to us when we were very little. I actually started reading at the age of three. My mother was determined for me to read for myself because she got sick of reading ‘The Little Engine That Could’ five times a day. Around 9 or 10 I stayed writing little short stories. I have always had a very active imagination and it was so liberating to be able to create such fascinating stories. It was also a way of expressing my feelings. It was in middle school that one of my art teachers noticed my talent for writing. She surprised me one day with a large book for me to journal and to write more short stories. She’d instruct me to write a short story every week and to journal what I was feeling every day. I don’t write short stories every week, but since then, I have tried to continue to journal almost everyday. 

Talk about a time where you have faced adversity/conflict and have triumphed.

The fact that I am here today is a triumph all is own. All through my childhood I was teased and bullied for being “different”. Despite having a dynamic home life, my life in school, and in the neighborhood, was, at times, unbearable. So I kept to myself a lot up until high school where my social life took off. I think that was my saving grace, because if I had to continue to endure the teasing, rejection, the bullying for much longer I really don’t know how much more I could have taken. 


THE ROAD HOME, written by: Javannah J. Davis

What do you believe sets you apart from other artists/entertainers?

I’d have to say its the fact that I write and create mostly for me. Writing is, and always have been, my release, my entertainment. If others enjoy it fantastic, but I do it for me. We each have our own unique stories to tell no matter what genre of entertainment you claim. Those stories may sound similar on the surface, but looking deeper the plot twists are hardly ever the same. Each journey is different.

Do you have other interests or hobbies?

I do. Besides writing I’m also a jewelry and crafts designer. I have a Facebook page called ‘JDIBoutique’ where I sell all of my jewelry and such. I have so much more I will be incorporating into my boutique in the near future. I’m very excited about it, and can’t wait to share it. 

Any projects you have out or currently working on?

 Other than my project with the boutique, I’m currently working on three more novels. One of which is almost complete. My goal is to be done with them by mid 2018. 

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?javannah2

 I’d like to see myself a bestselling author, a successful business woman, and hopefully a family of my own. 

What advice can you give to aspiring artists/entertainers?

I know it may sound cliché, but truly, don’t give up and keep moving forward. Life in itself is challenging, and throw the desire to be successful in the mix and you could easily lose your mind. But with faith, determination, and seeing any failure as a learning experience and not defeat, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the highest peak of your goals. 

How can we follow along in your journey?

Social media? I’m definitely on social media. You can follow  me on instagram: @javannahd17, Facebook: Javannah J. Davis, and my Facebook business page: JDIBoutique



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