No sports? Talker has you covered. (Part III, Sports Less Traveled)

No sports? Talker has you covered. (Part III, Sports Less Traveled)

SHOTGUNNING (l-r) Dan, Kittrel Brice, Amy Newhouse. Genesee Valley Park 8/10/16 [Photo: David Kramer] From The difference between softball and kick ball: Shotgunning

In recent days, we’ve learned of a spate of sports cancellations and postponements: NCAA basketball tournaments, the NBA, the NHL, the MSL and MLB spring training.

The only good news is that the XFL also cancelled its regular season. As seen in Waiting for the XFL to be the Ex-XFL, this spring football league is a blight on the sports calendar

Feb 8, 2020 (left) Bob Page, at Jeremiah’s Tavern on Monroe Avenue; (far right) Non-spectators at the inauguration of the XFL at Jeremiah’s. From Waiting for the XFL to be the Ex-XFL

Initially — mercifully for its misbegotten fans —  Sunday’s game in Seattle was scheduled to be played without spectators. Given the paltry attendance at many XFL games, an empty stadium would be little different. Apparently, the XFL is committed to playing a full season in 2021. Don’t bother.

With live sports on the sidelines, now is the time to relive Talker sports-blasts-from-the past.

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Today, sports less traveled takes us to the International Strong Museum of Play, Genesee Valley Park, the University of Rochester, Clover Lanes, Eastridge High School, Richmond’s, Cobb’s Hill, downtown Rochester, Brighton Town Park, the Jewish Community Center, Stout, Highland Park and Brighton High School.


What are the rules of air hockey and what is a spin?


Rochester International Air Show: Art or War?


Badminton shines in Brazil. And “the Game Sublime” has a following in Rochester, including Rajesh Barnabas and New York State Assemblyman Mark Johns

2016 Rochester Open a smash hit at the Robert B. Goergen Athletic Center. And the debut of ZOOM.


Five years ago when Michael Raff found his perfect mark. And over 70 years of history at the B’Nai Brith bowling league


Willie “El Mongoose” Monroe Jr.; A Gifted Athlete and Talented Artist Thinking Outside of the Box


“Bring back the Jills:” Cheerleaders deserve their stage


Wildcats strike out our undermanned Barons

On the People’s Party with DJ Alykhan. And raising $500 for Chess, Rhymes and Wisdom


42 years and counting for the Kick Ass Kro-Kay Club of Cobb’s Hill


Adding the first pull up at the new Cobb’s Hill Fitness Court to the Cobb’s Hill series


Join me at Twilight

Cobb’s Hill welcomes the Ninth Cobb’s Hill Cyclocross

For Golisano Children’s Hospital with love at the inaugural Gran Fondo at the Twilight Criterium


You are never too old at the Kid’s Fishing Derby in Brighton

Kids Fishing Derby at Brighton Town Park. And a fish story.


A Shawn Dunwoody mural and the floor hockey legacy of Dave Rogachefsky at the JCC


Having defeated Trump in 1961, Rochestarian Peter Roby welcomes a rematch


Lily Pond, Highland Park’s hidden ice hockey rink.


The difference between softball and kick ball: Shotgunning


Rochester’s Liechtenstein skiing fans rejoice


Adding Yeshiva football to the Cobb’s Hill series

Cold and snowy Turkey Bowls at Reifsteck Field


RCSD and city soccer on the upswing with Deon Rodgers

Non Violent Hooligans outside Stout


Diehards and the Cobb’s Hill Tennis Courts


Ultimate spring fever at Cobb’s Hill

What’s a little snow at the Cobb’s Hill ultimate frisbee game


In grand fashion, Brighton celebrates its volleyball champions and the first Boys state team sports title in school history


East High’s oldest athlete, Morris Shapiro’s (1913 – 2016) love of wrestling never waned

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