Brighton Town Supervisor Bill “Shohei” Moehle throws out first pitch, goes two for three with 2 RBI’s in the Game at the Corners

Brighton Town Supervisor Bill “Shohei” Moehle throws out first pitch, goes two for three with 2 RBI’s in the Game at the Corners

5/2/21 Brighton Town Supervisor William Moehle pitching at the Game at the Corners, left fielder Neal Rogachefsky, shortstop David Kramer [Photo: Brandon Davis]

The ceremonial first pitch at the Game at the Corners: Bill Moehle throwing and wearing Detroit Tigers cap, Dave Kramer catcher, Herb Feinstein second base, Howard Kashton right field. At 6′ 8,” Bill “The Stork” models himself after one of his favorite Tigers, Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, 6′ 3″ [Photo: Dean Tucker; © Topps 1977 from David Kramer’s collection]

The Sunday Game at the Corners at the Twelve Corners Middle School has had its share of politicians dropping by to press the flesh and knock the horsehide. [FULL SERIES AT END] In 2018, Brighton Town Council Member Robin Wilt threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

5/6/18. The Game at the Corners (left) Brighton Town Council Member and 25th State Congressional District candidate Robin Wilt [Photo: Nicholas Wilt]; (right) Robin hurling a strike to Neal Rogachefsky with Michael Raff manning second base.  Photo: David Kramer from Brighton Town Council Member Robin Wilt pitches in at the Game at the Corners


2016. “Melissa, I swear I am putting the money into the basket.” The Hon. Melissa L. Barrett of the Rochester City Court in the Seventh Judicial District of New York and David Kramer at the Brighton Farmer’s Market after the Game at the Corners. [Photo: Dean Tucker] From On the electoral road with Melissa Barrett

In 2016, now Rochester City Court Judge Melissa Barrett canvassed for petition signatures at the game and afterwards at the Brighton Farmer’s Market. As Melissa was wearing formal attire, she declined taking some swings.

The game is played every Sunday beginning at 9:30 and not lasting past 11:00. All are welcome. Players often combine the game with a trip to the adjacent Brighton Farmer’s Market. Contact David Esan at [email protected] with any questions.

Today was Brighton Town Supervisor’s William Moehle’s moment in the limelight as Bill arguably outdid Robin and Melissa. We all know about the hitting and pitching exploits of the Los Angeles Angels’ Shohei “Showtime” Ohtani, the contemporary Babe Ruth of baseball. Bill put on a Showtime, hurling three strong innings and knocking two singles with two runs batted in.

After taking an inside pitch, Bill drilled an rbi single up the middle. Base runner Dave Schmerl; third baseman Dave Esan. [Photos: Brandon Davis (l,r); Dean Tucker (m)]

On his third at bat with the bases loaded, Bill hit a shot just glancing off shortstop Kramer’s glove. Bill was worried because the play potentially had the makings of an unassisted triple play.

(left) Bill after his first hit. Dave Schmerl and Mike Raff look on. (right) A few years ago, the players voted Raff first for “Best Witty In-Game Banter.” Today, Raff ran so hard beating out this fielder’s choice that he was actually left speechless. Barry Wisset pitching; Sam Kashtan at third. [Photos: Dean Tucker and David Kramer]

We actually know a fair amount about Bill’s baseball passion, especially for the Detroit Tigers. The May 31st, 2020, The Brighton Farmer’s Market is back. At the Game at the Corners, the boys and girls of summer hoping to play ball.  anticipated this season’s event:

At today’s market was Brighton Town Supervisor William “Mauler” Moehle who plans to throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the 2020 Game at the Corners season [unfortunately the season was cancelled].

5/31/20, Brighton Farmer’s Market (left) Brighton Town Supervisor William Moehle; (right) David Kramer in Red Wings cap with Silver Stadium memorabilia. Glove signed at Silver Stadium by Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr. and then-Rochester manager Frank Robinson at the 1988 Orioles-Red Wings exhibition game. Ball signed at Silver Stadium in 1977 by Hall of Famer Bob Feller. [Photos: Ripken and Mauler] From The Brighton Farmer’s Market is back. At the Game at the Corners, the boys and girls of summer hoping to play ball.

Bill played his Little League ball in Plymouth, Michigan and is a lifetime Detroit Tigers fan. When growing up, Bill’s favorite players were Al Kaline and Willie Horton. Kaline # 6, recently passed away, exemplified Detroit. Going directly from high school to the major leagues, Kaline played his entire 22 year career with the Tigers, leading them to the 1968 World Series title and winning the hearts of all Michigan.

© Topps 1967, 1972, 1975, 2003 [David Kramer’s collection]

For Bill, Horton symbolized the spirit of Detroit. Raised in Detroit, Horton starred at Northwestern H.S., hitting a home run at Tiger Stadium at age 16 in an all-city high school game and winning a city championship in 1959. During the city’s riots in the summer of 1967, wearing his Tiger uniform, Horton visited 12th Street calling for peace.

© Topps and © 1974 XOGRAPH ®, 1967, 1972 (2), 1973, 1974 (2) 1976 and 1977 [David Kramer’s collection]

To keep sharp and to break in my new softball glove, I bounced balls off the wall of the Brighton High School’s Brick Monster. Photographer Mauler captured an over-the-shoulder grab reminiscent of Willie May’s iconic catch of Vic Wertz’ drive to center field in game 1 of the 1954 World Series.

(left) May 31st, 2020. David “Say Hey Kid” Kramer [Photo: Mauler]; (right) September 29th, 1954. Willie “Say Hey Kid” Mays. With the game tied 2–2 in the eighth inning of Game 1 of the World Series, the Cleveland Indians had runners on first and second against the New York Giants. Cleveland’s Vic Wertz hit a 425-foot shot to center field, and Willie Mays sprinted towards the wall to track it down. Mays caught it over his shoulder, turned and gunned it back towards the infield, saving the runs. (Sports Illustrated)

In Iconic America at the Brighton Little League Parade, we learned more about the playing fields of Plymouth.

Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle’s memory is philosophically tinged. The fields in the Plymouth, Michigan Little League were located next to a cemetery. Before the season started, the boys were told that about 5 or 6 times a season a funeral procession would pass by when games were played. The games were stopped as the crowd and players paid their respects.

Brighton Town Supervisor William Moehle and with Spikes, the Red Wings’ mascot. Photo: David Kramer, May 1, 2016 from Iconic America at the Brighton Little League Parade

At that age, many of the boys had not been deeply touched by death. But they sensed the contrast between the life-affirming game they were playing and the mournful procession. For Bill, this was one of his earliest lessons on mortality. So as we march forward, relish every game and every inning.

Some of the longest tenured players. (t-b, l-r) N. Rogachefsky (left fielder J. Schall); D. Esan (third base S. Kashtan); D. Kramer; M. Raff (pitcher D. Kramer, shortstop D. Schmerl  [Photos: D. Tucker]

(l-r) D. Kramer, Jeff Feldman and W. Moehle. Before the game, groundskeeper Feldman expertly applied Quick Dry® to clear up a puddle in the pitcher’s circle and wet mud in the batter’s box. [Photo: Dean Tucker]

Bill offered his recapitulation of this eventful Game at the Corners:

After some clutch work by the grounds crew to even make the field playable, the hitters were ahead of the pitchers in the first game of the season at the Corners. Line drives were whistling off the bats of both teams, and only some outstanding fielding prevented the score from getting out of hand.

Action at home plate. Raff steaming for home as Feldman blocks the dish. Schall beats the throw to catcher Charles Boyar (m,r). Brandon Davis scoring easily. [Photos: Dean Tucker]

Fortunately, as the game went on, our team bonded and broke loose with 7 runs in the 3rd inning, but both teams notched a solid performance and had positive takeaways for the long season ahead

Bill departed early for a commitment at the Farmer’s Market, leaving him wondering, did we hold onto the lead? Yes. 13 – 6. Although normally a pitcher needs to log four innings to be awarded the win, Bill was granted the victory after three innings. As Witty In-Game-Banter said, that’s Supervisor Privilege.

Sunday was not the first time Bill was the master of opening ceremonies. In 2019, he tossed the coin at the 16th Annual Rustic Cricket Tournament in Rustic Village.

08/04/2019, Indian Independence Day. Bill Moehle – Brighton Town Supervisor at the opening coin toss at the 16th Annual Rustic Cricket Tournament. “The annual Rustic Cricket Tournament kicked off yesterday at the Rustic Village Cricket pitch in Brighton and at Genesee Valley Park. Over 25 men’s and women’s teams from across New York State are playing, including players originally from India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Afghanistan as well as the U. S. Each nation is represented by their flag. This tournament is so indicative of the diverse multicultural roots in the Brighton community.” From Cricket on the playing fields of Brighton

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The Brighton Farmer’s Market is back. At the Game at the Corners, the boys and girls of summer hoping to play ball.

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