Kitty Jospé provides noon nourishment for the mind at Rundel.


Looking over Genesee river, through Rundel’s windows, where even spiders have spun yarns.

You hardly need me to tell you the Rundel library is perhaps the original Gem on the Genesee.  Many a brooding eros 12shadow have I left behind when walking into its light (adapted from inscription on the main wall).

So when Kitty Jospé invited me to her Poetry Oasis session at noon today, I was delighted.  Kitty first joined our literary conversation last summer in Emotions recollected in tranquility on University Ave

As seen in the flyer, Poetry Oasis takes place Thursdays 12-1pm in the Literature Study Room. As Kitty says, the sessions are always “O Pen”  to everybody.

Poetry Oasis fall2015 jpgOn an otherwise dreary afternoon, myself and 4 others were treated to Kitty’s lively imagination and our collective insights as everyone chimed in at one point.  Eyeing our way through Naomi Shihab Nye’s “Eye Test,” we saw the multiple layers the poem provided: A for accessible, E for enjoyable D remained desperate and M for the mystery that can’t be read without a story.

Kitty discusses the power of getting a group together to discuss poetry.

Right now I have a participant email list of 35 people, from a range of ages and experience.  This is really quite a high number given how people have to sandwich in their poetry sometimes on the run at lunchtime.  The format allows everyone to read, respond to what they see in the craft of each poem. Once people come  to discuss poetry the way we do, they realize the power both of the words, but also  the mirror of the group illuminating both poem and all of us in our living.

Come by yourself out of the dreary downtown shadows and into the light of Poetry Oasis

Speaking of poems, we need some. Have blog. Need poems.


The group. Myself top left next to Kitty


Quiet eyes awakened and delighted on upper Monroe